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I have had stuffy ears every now and again with colds but never anything this severe. I am 26 years old and came down with worst sinus infection/cold virus I can ever remember. About a week into the infection, I went on Levaquin and Astepro nasal spray. I felt better but the next morning, I woke up with a severely congested right ear. My left ear was fine but that wasn't surprising. I have had recurrent cholesteatomas in that ear. The first day I just rested hoping it would go away. I had some Ciprodex ear drops for my left ear and put it in my right ear to see if it would do anything. Nothing happend. I went to bed completely depressed. I woke up in the middle of the night and put my head over a bowl of steaming water for 15 min and nothing happend. The next morning I was frantic and went to immediate care. The doctor prescribed Mucinex D extra strength and to use a sinus rinse along with increased and continued use of the nose drops. I started the regimen and nothing really happened. On the third day, I went to work miserable with a stuffy ear. I continued taking all the medicines. In between all that I spent 15min in the steam room at the gym, did headstands (no joke), chewed gum obsessively and even went to a tanning bed. Tonight after 72 hours, I finally got my ear to pop after taking an allergy tab Ciperizdine and doing the sinus rinse but this time holding some back in my sinuses and tipping my head toward the right side while plugging my nose. It was a very small amount of solution but I think it did the trick. Alot of mucous came out my nose and my sinuses felt very clear. An hour later, I plugged my nose and VERY gently blowed through my nose with my mouth open moving my jaw side to side. My ear did pop but my eustacian tube closed again :( but it was a very positive step for me. I recommend the positive pressure sinus rinse by Neil Med but I have not tried the neti pot. With the sinus rinse you have much more control how much and how fast the solution goes into your nose. I am hoping I will be over my ear congestion soon. I deeply sympathize with everyone out there going through this. It's driving me bananas but keep trying things and something is bound to work. :) P.S. I also made a Dr. appointment with an ENT in two days if the congestion continues.

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I would just like to let you know that you are not alone out there. I too have been suffering from ear congestion since 6th grade when I got the flu. Ever since then my ears have been giving me problems and it is extremely frustrating not being able to find a solution right away. Usually it will go away after a few days. Unfortunately sometimes it has lasted more than a month :[.

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