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My hearing suddenly became reduced and I felt something pressing on my ear drum, so I figured it was a build up of wax. I researched the home remedies on the internet, determined that candles is a hoax and decided to try peroxide.

I put 3% peroxide in my ear, layed on my side for 10 minutes and tried to flush it using warm water in a baby bulb syringe (available at any baby supply store). After 3 or 4 attempts this procedure DID NOT work. Our peroxide was old, maybe that's why, because other people said this method worked. Or maybe I didn't use a strong enough flush with the syringe.

Then I tried the olive oil method. I squirted a few drops of olive oil in my ear with an ear dropper, layed on my side for 10 minutes and then did a flush with warm water and the bulb syringe. This time, I made sure the stream from the syringe was strong. I tilted my ear over the sink during the flush and voila! Just like others had reported, a pea sized ball of gooey yucky wax was laying in the sink. First try! So I decided to use the olive oil method again on the other ear. Sure enough, a ball of wax came right out the first time!

I don't know if peroxide did not work due to something I was doing wrong, I can only assume that is the case. One thing to keep in mind is the peroxide irritates the ear and causes minor discomfort for some time, while the olive oil does not. Next time, I am doing the olive oil first!

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I have always had waxy ears, tried olive oil a few years ago (without the syringe) and it made things worse. Recently my right ear felt blocked and uncomfortable so I found this post and decided to give it a try, and it worked unbelievably well. I left a small amount of olive oil in my right ear for ten minutes whilst laying on my left side, and then blasted about 10 syringes of warm water in. At first nothing happened, and my ear felt more blocked, but then the water coming out of my ear with each blast started to turn brown, then small bits of wax started to come out, then three absolutely gigantic lumps (about the size of jellybeans) of wax came out in a row. I'm convinced the power of the squirts is key to this so don't be shy with it! This was not a 'small' wax problem but it worked brilliantly and cost nothing. My ear did hurt a little with the powerful squirts of hot water but it was so worth it. Thank you for posting this!


Olive oil did not work. Ear still plugged...


I had a build up of wax in my left ear and tried the over counter drops for two days as I was completely deaf .. Frustration set in and decided to try warm olive oil and a jet ( syringe ) off warm water .. 20 seconds in microwave .. Syringed the olive oil into ear .. Left for 30 seconds then used syringe again with warm water .. Pea sized ball off wax flew out off my ear .. Job done !

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