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My hearing suddenly became reduced and I felt something pressing on my ear drum, so I figured it was a build up of wax. I researched the home remedies on the internet, determined that candles is a hoax and decided to try peroxide.

I put 3% peroxide in my ear, layed on my side for 10 minutes and tried to flush it using warm water in a baby bulb syringe (available at any baby supply store). After 3 or 4 attempts this procedure DID NOT work. Our peroxide was old, maybe that's why, because other people said this method worked. Or maybe I didn't use a strong enough flush with the syringe.

Then I tried the olive oil method. I squirted a few drops of olive oil in my ear with an ear dropper, layed on my side for 10 minutes and then did a flush with warm water and the bulb syringe. This time, I made sure the stream from the syringe was strong. I tilted my ear over the sink during the flush and voila! Just like others had reported, a pea sized ball of gooey yucky wax was laying in the sink. First try! So I decided to use the olive oil method again on the other ear. Sure enough, a ball of wax came right out the first time!

I don't know if peroxide did not work due to something I was doing wrong, I can only assume that is the case. One thing to keep in mind is the peroxide irritates the ear and causes minor discomfort for some time, while the olive oil does not. Next time, I am doing the olive oil first!

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this totally worked ! and my boyfriend can hear me again :)

Arlene Ilae

ALOHA ALL: UNBELIEVABLE!. It took me two times and then a ball of wax came out. I'm so thankful I came on the site to check on home remedies. WOW! I can hear and feel 100% better. Not to mention, it cost me only time



Just want to say I used the olive oil method a half hour ago and after days of dealing with earwax buildup and then losing the hearing in my ear for a day, this worked miracles!!! I was using the CVS brand for ear wax removal and it was ok but not successful after several repeated attempts. Then I resorted to hydrogen peroxide, which did losen alittle and helped but did not clear the ear and was still without hearing. So, I read the above article and saw all the reviews and decided to try it. SO GLAD I DID!!! Used about a half teaspoon of olive oil and let it set in my ear for roughly 5-10 minutes, then flushed it out with warm water using a baby syringe. Now I flushed it about 15 times and had a little bit of results and stopped for a moment. I sat for 5 minutes and thought to give it one more try of flushing it out with warm water and as soon as I did... 1 time!! it all came out and I could hear sooo much better!!! I recommend this remedy to anyone and I will have it as my go to quick and easy fix for earwax from here on out!!!


Wow! I wasn't even planning on commenting because I rarely do, but I just had to come back and let everybody know that the olive oil DOES work (at least for me anyway).
Here's exactly what I did:
Heated up some olive oil on the stove. Just a few seconds works. Filled a syringe with it. WARNING - test out the temp on your finger first! Then I squirted some straight into my ear hole and held my head sideways for about 3-5 minutes. Then with the same syringe I put in warm water and squeezed it (pretty hard - I believe that's key) straight into my ear. I did this many times. Sometimes the sound sounded worse because it was filled with water. Don't worry - just keep squeezing. Eventually I started hearing normal again. Try the whole process more than once if you need to.
Hope it works for y'all. We all know how frustrating it can be to have limited to no hearing in one ear.
Thanks to the poster!!


I wasted 5 hours in ER to finally get in and have a nurse flush my ears. Got a fair bit of wax out in both of them - but they couldn't unclog my right ear still.
Let's here it for home remedies!! Used some heated up olive oil and dropped it into my ear for a 3-5 minutes. Then used a 10 mL syringe I already had and blasted my ear with almost 2 cups of warm water until a ball of wax finally came out. Huzzah!! No more clinic visits for me!


Omg!! Ive had ear wax problems for a long time and I jus used the olive oil in my ear with a baby bulb syringe and let it sit for 10 mins. And then flushed it with warm water with the syringe and the biggest piece of wax came out. I haven't ever been able to hear this good before.. Thank you!


I was suffering from a blocked ear and decided to look for natural remedies as nothing had worked. I read your remedy Kathy and am thrilled, I had tried everything and nothing worked. Can't believe how much wax popped out. Still feels a bit blocked so will do again tomorrow.


OMG is all I can say. Thank you Thank you

Jode O.

Thank you, thank you! This WORKS!!


ya this technique is for people who have a small build up of wax and think they cant hear, I foolishly tried this and the problem is in fact worse, thanks for nothing you fucking useless website

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