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My hearing suddenly became reduced and I felt something pressing on my ear drum, so I figured it was a build up of wax. I researched the home remedies on the internet, determined that candles is a hoax and decided to try peroxide.

I put 3% peroxide in my ear, layed on my side for 10 minutes and tried to flush it using warm water in a baby bulb syringe (available at any baby supply store). After 3 or 4 attempts this procedure DID NOT work. Our peroxide was old, maybe that's why, because other people said this method worked. Or maybe I didn't use a strong enough flush with the syringe.

Then I tried the olive oil method. I squirted a few drops of olive oil in my ear with an ear dropper, layed on my side for 10 minutes and then did a flush with warm water and the bulb syringe. This time, I made sure the stream from the syringe was strong. I tilted my ear over the sink during the flush and voila! Just like others had reported, a pea sized ball of gooey yucky wax was laying in the sink. First try! So I decided to use the olive oil method again on the other ear. Sure enough, a ball of wax came right out the first time!

I don't know if peroxide did not work due to something I was doing wrong, I can only assume that is the case. One thing to keep in mind is the peroxide irritates the ear and causes minor discomfort for some time, while the olive oil does not. Next time, I am doing the olive oil first!

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My boyfriend is completely deaf in one ear, so when he ended up with wax completely blocking his other ear, both he and i were miserable. we tried drops, and heat, and steam and nothing seemed to work. Finally i read about oil and a bulb syringe and went straight to the local drug store. they had an oil and bulb next to all the other peroxide ear drops, and its summer so i had a bottle of hot water in my car. he was so miserable that he did the treatment in the parking lot and it totally worked!!!! he was ecstatic and decided to take me out to dinner for researching the remedy!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


I just found this site today. I ran out and bought a bulb syringe and dropper. I tried Kathy's technique with the olive oil and got a half a pea size of ear wax out. Thank you, Kathy


try walnut oil no ball of wax came out


I have had problems with wax in the ear cannel,so tried this with olive oil.Left it in for 30 minutes,then flushed it with warm water.........nothing at all came out except the water.
Bummer,so I tried some Debrox and also nothing!!Guess I'll have to see the 'pain'Ear Doctor.I've used him before and its mighty painful!!


My ears have been 'clogged' for over a month. None of the over the counter are working. This didn't work for me but I plan to try again, leaving in my ear longer. I warmed the olive oil and left in my ear 10-12 minutes. I used a baby bulb syringe (that came with the Debrox that hasn't worked) and a large syringe I have. Flushed with warm water and forced the water. Nothing but the oil & water came out. Mine may be very packed with wax, so I will try again. I will repost if it works.


I went to this website yesterday (9/28/11)and read about the olive oil remedy. I needed some relief because of the same reasons posted on here. It was driving me crazy. Anyway, later on in the evening, I did the remedy and lo and behold, I can here again! Thank you guys!


*hear (oops) Oh, I forgot to mention, my ear was plugged up for two weeks. I tried the peroxide remedy and the grocery store kind. Thanks again!!


Kathy, the Olive oil worked for me as well. I got tired of the ringing and not being able to hear so I thought I'd give it a try. It worked exactly as you said. When I started flushing the ear out with warm water, out came the ball of wax. I still had some minor blockage for about an hour. Later I was eating dinner and 'pop'. I could instantly hear again. I was so impressed I shared the information with a nurse I know. Thank you!


This is the most amazing thing. I put a few drops of olive oil in my ear, waited 10 minutes, then flushed with a bulb syringe about 10 times with warm water. A blob of wax about the size of an almond (no lie) came out and I could hear! Awesome!


The olive oil remedy worked! My son 11, gets horrible ear wax build up. I too heated up the olive oil and then let it sit for about 3 minutes, then flushed a couple of times with warm water. Clean as a whistle! Very easy to do and does not cause that itching sensation and is very soothing. He was able to hear much better. I was so impressed, I did mine and they feel amazing!! Thank you for sharing! Also Peroxide can scar ear drums and cause deafness...this is a no no.

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