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okay this might sound extreme..yet it roomtate snored so bad I thought it was driving me crazy...the noise was too I pushed on his chest then noticed he stopped snoring then I layed on his entire body he was alsleep khow he didnt feel it..until he woke up to find me laying on top of him..then I decided he needs somthing else ...for this one youll need a belt yes a belt..!! he sleeps I put the belt around his chest then buckled it. the belt should be placed on the uppeer rib cage area not too tight plus a nice smooth belt works better that way the buckles wont hurt them. Now I did this becasue I couldnt take the snoring it was just too much noise plus I couldnt get any sleep. I was up for days loosing my mind this is for those who just cant take the snoring anymore. the pressure from the belt seemed to stop his snoring..this is for extreme snoring...yet it worked you should be careful while trying this because If it's too tight it could restrict their breathing just a nice snug fit is fine..good luck and keep the ear plugs near by plus a spot of brandy by the

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There are very few snoring remedies that actually stop snoring to any degree. To cure snoring, especially snoring that has begun suddenly, we can usually look at weight loss for the most dependable results. That's not what most people want to hear but it is true in a lot of cases. There is however one way that the true victim of the snoring noise (your husband) can dependably defend himself from the snoring noise, without moving to another room like most people who try to remedy snoring noise problems. You should know that even so called snoring earplugs and noise cancelling headphones are a flawed idea. It sounds right but up to 50% of the volume of snoring can travel right past all varieties of these devices, through skin, flesh and bone and still be heard surprisingly well! In fact, you could hear common snoring from a bed partner, even if you had no outer ears at all because of bone conduction. That is why earplugs and cancelling devices cannot work. The only way in the world to totally escape the impact of snoring noise is by using a masking sound to keep the middle / inner ear occupied with the right sounds to blend away the peaks and valleys of the intermittent sound. This will allow the otherwise victim of the snoring noise to sleep as though they were listening to a fan or air conditioner. But, be aware that all masking sounds are not created equally. White noise for example is a terrible masking sound for snoring noise because it lacks the right characteristics to do the job right. This causes the user to have to increase the volume to ridiculously high and damaging volume levels. To be able to erase snoring noise disturbances at lower volume levels, you need a true snore masking sound that would fall into the snore eraser type category. Then you will be able to shut out the disturbing on and off nature of snoring and sleep to a smooth sound.

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