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M. L. Warren

I’ve had RLS for more than 10 years. For years when I would lay down at night to sleep I often would have spasms running down both my legs into my toes causing them to curl, every 30 - 45 seconds. My RLS was so bad that the spasms would wake me up if I was asleep. The only way to relieve the spasms was for me to take a brisk 30 minute walk (in cold and warm weather I had to go walking in the middle of the night). Three years ago a friend who had serious muscle problems in his leg was directed by his doctor to take some vitamins along with his prescribed meds to help fight muscle spasms. Those vitamins were Calcium Magnesium and Zinc. My friend suggested I try them. I went to Walmart, purchased a $7.00 bottle of 250 pills and have been happy ever since. Both vitamins are combined into one pill. The name on the bottle is Calcium Magnesium and Zinc (Bone Health). I took the suggested daily dosage of 3 pills and within 1 week my RLS stopped. I know this is the exact substance that cures my RLS because over the years of taking the vitamins I have discovered that I can skip a few weeks of taking the pills before my RLS starts to come back. At that point I resume taking the vitamins and the RLS goes away the next night and stays away until I again have a gap in taking the vitamins. Since my dietary habits are poor, I feel good in taking a vitamin that also cures my RLS. Happy – Happy – Happy!

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing this! I hadn't been able to sleep for 3 months straight, from the moment the syndrome quicked in (got worse actually - I realized after the fact that the momentary discomforts I was feeling once in a while were just that). I tried reading official 'medical' sites, and all said that there was basically nothing to do. I then found this forum, and read your post; ran out to the pharmacy, bought the calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement and have been sleeping like a baby since then. One caveat though: I had already lowered my coffee consumption to 1 cup a day, with a mix of 1/2 cafeinated coffee and 1/2 decaf, and that also proved to be very important. If I cheat and take a cup of full cafeinated coffee during the day, the restless legs come back. So I guess my 'magic mix' is these supplements + very little cafeine (I've also almost completely cut out chocolate :-/).
Anyhow, thanks again - you saved my health and sanity!


Does chocolate make it worse?

Tim Bell

I'm extremely happy, I can finally get a good night sleep.I gave a friend of mine a bottle and he's doing great too. Try this, I felt the difference within a few days. I'm so thankful I found this website, so thankful!


Ive been taking cal/mag/zinc 3 times a day for 5 days now. No improvement. Have a lot left so I will keep taking it but it doesnt seem to help me at all.


It didn't work for me....damnit

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