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I mixed like 3 tablspoons of honey with a cup of sugar and made the mostamazing scrub I've ever used. One problem I typically face is; scubs aren't gritty enough. This one is super gritty, and it smells sweet too. Not at all harsh like the scrubs at stores. Another problem I have faced is; the corner of the mouth black heads and zits. This scrub allows you to get in there and really scrub that area without the worry of getting nasty scrub in your mouth, its honey and sugar, so it tastes good too. Ha ha. Honey is also a good mosturizer so if you leave it there for a minute or two after tyou scub with it, it will serve as a moisterizer as well. You cant lose! I've only done this once and I've seem amazing results. Try it, it will work for you too!

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ok i used this this morning at first it wasn't staying on the face so i washed with warm water first then applied the scrub on my wet face i found it alot better that way.
It was messy but i didnt mind the messy ones usually work?!
i scrubbed and left for 5 mins, i washed off with warm water and i can gladly say yes my skin feels smoother and softer, a great exfoliator but doesnt remove blackheads as thats what i was looking for in the first place, would use again though.
I do think however there is just too much mixture 1 cup of sugar i would change that to 1/2 a cup of sugar and start off putting 1 tablespoon of honey in mix then add as required or til it's mixed in well. Lower the amount as there seems to be alot of mixture left and i don't like throwing usefull things out. You could make the scrub up and tub itup as you exfoliate twice a week anyway.
Overall a great scrub. Thanks


I thought it was a great scrub also. I had to we my face with warm water and also i would use 1/2 cup of sugar. It did not remove blackheads but was a great moisturizer and I would use it again.


I don't have any honey. Is there something else I can use?

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