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Hadnt been to the dentist for about 10 years up until today. They're too scary and too expensive! However, after reading all 17 pages of these remedies, it scared me into taking a trip down to the dentist today! Glad i did it! She confirmed that i did indeed have an abscess. Prescribed some antibiotics... Supposed to take these things 3 times a day but so far, i've just taken 1 and the pain has gone! Gonna finish the pack though. Gotta get rid of my chipmunk cheek!

So... For years, i've been having chronic toothaches. They usually end up causing earache, headache and sometimes my eye socket would hurt and my neck. Only ever on the side of the faulty tooth. I always found ibufrofen and a long hot shower would do the trick. Then after that stopped working, i found that crushing a garlic clove with salt and sticking that into the cavity would ease the pain for a little while. But you end up with garlic breath for a few days as its sometimes a bit difficult to get all the garlic out the hole. You're eating strawberry cheesecake and suddenly you get this strong taste of garlic invading your mouth as it randomly falls out of a cavity. Not pleasant!

Teabags made me throw-up. Tried that method 3 times. Never again! Something about a 'raw' teabag in the mouth...

Saltwater rinses are only good for mild pain relief.

Clove oil tastes absolutely rotten and doesnt really help in any way.

Strong white rum is pretty good for numbing toothaches. Tastes good too!

Regular table salt rubbed directly onto the affected gum area is probably the best option. It numbs the pain long enough for you to get to sleep.

So i found ways to cure the pain temporarily, but not to kill the infection. I would say its always best to go to the dentist straight away. As i left it so long, i now have to have 5 teeth extracted and 2 fillings... Anyone got any good (cheap) soup recipes?

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