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Boil water
add vicks vapor rub about a teaspoon
mix the water and vapor rub
pour it into a container with a lid.. Let stem accumulate... Be close to the lid.. Not too close, close your eyes( or else vicks will cause an uncomfortable feeling in your eyes)...
Now inhale the steam with deep breaths

guaranteed to feel amazing and help you out....

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This sure worked wonderfully for my children!
Thank YOU!


you could just used a Vaporizer with Vicks but since i don't have one I'm going to try this hopefully it work :)


Wow! This worked wonders. Thanks I can finally sleep again.


I did this and i worked!!!!!!!! WOW! :D *amazed*

*megan-13 *


Mmmmm... Vicks... i still sniffed it after it worked. thanks


Yes really worked! Thank u!


Do this in combination with the pinch nose technique and you will be amazed.


life saviour for the night! Still feeling stuffy but it has definitely helped thanks so much!


Thank u Thank u it help me a lot I do this and it makes me feel good once again thanx u only need vicks and water :)


It really works!!! I'm 12 and i swear it works thank u! I'm not sick i have allergies and it worked

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