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I know this will sound horrible, considering I know the pain that abscesses can cause all too well. DO NOT USE oral anesthetics like orajel or anbesol to treat your pain. They can actually cause swelling if you don't follow the directions and only apply it like the tube says; considering they both say only four times a day and we all need liberal amounts, it isn't useful if you follow the directions and because of this fact, it is simply not useful to someone that needs repeated relief from constant pain. The best course of action is to use motrin or extra strength pain killers like ibuprofen or naproxen. Icing the area will help with reducing the swelling and brining the abscess to a head so that you can lance it. This is much like popping a pimple, and chances are you won't even feel the needle, I did not. Sterilize the needle in boiling water or alcohol, or if you don't have either of these, resort to using a lighter to sterilize it. Once you puncture the abscess, squeeze as much of the discharge out of the abscess as you can, and rinse with peroxide and water, mixed in equal parts. Once the bubbles from the peroxide subside, brush your teeth with toothpaste and rinse with a mouthwash like listerine. This might sting like hell but it cleans your teeth and gums from the puss and bacteria so the infection doesn't spread. Next, take a whole clove and put it between your cheek and gums so that it rests over the abscess. Suck or simply leave it there for about 2 to 5 minutes to reduce the pain. It may burn a little, but if the sensation begins to be too unbearable, take the clove out. Follow this with a teabag, wrapped in paper towel and heated with warm water. I know that most individuals say to use a dry teabag, but the hot water actually helps to activate some of the antioxidants contained in the tea leaves. Use the teabag as needed to draw out the puss, and to reduce pain. Alternating cold drinks and hot drinks like tea or drinks spiced with clove or mint is a good idea as well. To keep the area sterilized, you can resort to applying a liquor like vodka to the abscess, but I would reccomend simply washing your mouth out with warm salt water several times a day. If you see a bit of dark color on your gums after pressing on the abscess, don't be frightened. This usually occurs because of the pressure you have put on it, and because the abscess is now draining. Continue to monitor the abscessed area because it will continue to drain after it has been lanced. Continue to rinse with peroxide, brush your teeth, and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash like listerine until the abscess opening closes and begins to heal. I also reccomend drinking plenty of water, taking a liquid echineacia and goldenseal supplement and a daily vitamin. Try to boost your immune system in anyway you can. I have heard the remedies including Tea Tree Oil work well, but I haven't tried them myself. The Oregano and Sesame oil remedies are also useful and I know from personal experience that they work well. Sesame oil is also useful in helping open the sinus cavity when you are congested during colds or sinus infections. However, since sesame oil does this so well, be careful not to use it until the opening in the abscess has closed, otherwise the oil could draw the infection up into your sinus cavity and cause a lot of damage. One other unpleasant thing for most of us addicted to caffine and white sugar is that we have to avoid these very substances in order to get well. White processed sugar spreads infection and can even feed cancer, and it also shuts down your immune system. Considering you are dealing with an infection, the last thing you want is to shut down your immune system! A doctor or a dentist is a great idea, but if you have phobias, limited money, or no insurance it is by taking these kinds of precautions that you will heal yourself and stop the infection. It is quite possible that the infection might reappear on a certain basis if you do not maintain proper oral care like brushing, flawsing, and using an antiseptic mouthwash. Even using peroxide as a mouthwash on an every-other-day basis in your oral care routine is beneficial because it destroys bacteria that your toothbrush may have missed. For those with constant pain due to loose caps, crowns, ect. Using white willow bark (perchased at a local healthfood store or even a local alternative religion shop) and mugwart, mixed with minced garlic your can get in the grocery store and made into a paste, will aid in killing pain and infection if you use it at least once every week. Using an organic sleep aid that contains valerian would also help you guys to get some sleep. It also aids in pain relief. Valerian is very subtle and will get you to sleep in a fashion that mimics how you would normally fall asleep because it works with your body naturally. Guys, avoid sugar, caffine, and acidic foods and drink during care and after the abscess heals, and take your supplements so your immune system works properly. Using teabags to draw out the infection is a good idea, potato and garlic poltices are useful too. Check google search for more herbal solutions for pain, but cool water, ice, and painkillers are the only other things I would suggest besides a mint extract. Good luck and hope you feel better!

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Thank you for all your words of wisdom. It was very kind of you to be so thorough.

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