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I made a promise to myself that if I ever removed the plantar wart that resided on my foot for the last 3-1/2 years, that I would post on this site.

I'm pretty sure that I got the wart from practicing yoga in sweaty, hot rooms, with floors that probably were not the ideal in cleanliness following a class. The wart manifested in the usual way, which was a hardening of the skin directly on the ball mount of my foot. I noticed that the footprint swirls of my foot weren't showing. When I have normal callouses, the fingerprint or footprint swirls I have don't disappear. In fact, sometimes the dry skin augments them. Even so, I thought this was just a callous, so I tried to pumice it off using a pumice stone. When I did that, however, it really hurt, and, though removing the initial dead skin (actually just the part of the wart that was showing), it continually came back, and then bigger. I did not know what the heck this thing was, and I was really alarmed by it. If I pushed on the sides of it, I felt pain. If I stood on it the wrong way, it really hurt. I thought I was going to be stuck with this thing for life, until a friend of mine who saw the bottom of my foot informed me that it was a plantar's wart. Now that I knew what it was, it was time to get rid of it.

I tried all of the store bought remedies. I tried the freezing method, salycilic acid, both the liquid and the stick pads. I tried duct tape, oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, bleach, peroxide, and aloe vera. The first time I tried oregano oil with a bandage over the wart after application, it made the wart appear a little black because it popped some of the blood vessels in my foot. The oregano oil was medicinal strength from Young Living, which is one of the best companies out there for essential oils. I combined the oil with pumicing my foot, and the wart actually shrunk. In fact, it shrunk so much that I thought I got rid of it. Big mistake!!! It grew back, and started growing really fast. This was getting to be discouraging. In fact, it seemed to develop an immunity to the oregano oil. While the wart stopped growing, the oil wasn't helping shrink it.

Apple Cider Vinegar helped to turn the wart black, and may have helped remove a layer or two, but the pain was so excruciating I couldn't continue. At this point, the wart was the width and shape of a golf ball. My foot would feel like it was vibrating, and I couldn't stand on it, the pain was so terrible.

I had tried duct tape on several occasions, and since I wasn't educated on the wart, I wasn't using it right. While I was removing layers, I hadn't been doing it long enough or consistently. So I made the determination that I was going to wear the duct tape over the wart for 2 months. I put just enough duct tape to cover the wart on my foot. Now here are several secrets: First, I applied the duct tape right after showering and drying off so that my foot was clean, dry, and warm. The hotter my foot was, temperature-wise, the more easily the duct tape was able to adhere to my foot and stay. This makes ALL the difference in the world. If you try to apply the duct tape when your foot is sweaty or cold, it will fall off. Secondly, I put a band-aid over the duct tape in order to keep the duct tape on my foot so it wouldn't rub off while it was in my shoe, or while I was walking barefoot. Secondly, whenever I did something athletic, I put athletic tape on my foot (just a couple of light wraps) right over the band-aid to keep the duct tape on there. When I pulled the athletic tape off, it pulled the band-aid off, but the duct tape remained. When I showered, the duct tape stayed on my foot because my initial application was when my foot was clean and warm, so the adherence was very strong.

Please note, when I initially put on the duct tape, that area of my foot would really hurt for the first day. I think this was due to the asphyxiation of the skin on the foot, combined with asphyxiating this virus (a Plantars Wart is also known as Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV). However, by day two or three, it no longer hurt.

My commitment was to leave the duct tape on my foot as long as I could, maxing out at 10 days. It only usually lasted about 5 days. Here is what happened: my foot would start to itch right where the tape was. Sometimes I would slap that area of my foot to alleviate the itchiness. It itched sort of like a healing tattoo (for those of you who know that feeling). The itch would start after about 3 days. I kept the tape on. After about 5 days, the tape would start to come off on the edges. When that happened, I would shower first, and then pull the tape off. When I did this, there was skin attached to the bottom of the tape (the top layer of the wart), and there was a whole bunch of white skin underneath. A lot of this skin would just peel or fall off of my foot at the touch, and so I would peel or pull off as much skin as would come off freely (digging in further than that is not a good idea, as it just hurts, and won't increase the speed at which the wart goes away). Then I would put another swatch of duct tape over the wart. Since I was freshly showered, and my foot was still warm and dry, the duct tape adhered well. Then I added the band-aid (which I had to replace often, by the way), and we were off to the races. The wart was getting smaller, and the skin that previously had the wart on it was starting to heal. Please note: I only put enough duct tape on to cover the wart; I wanted the surrounding skin that had the wart on it to get healthy again. So, as the wart got smaller, the swatches of duct tape got smaller.

During one of my tapings, I noticed that some of my skin directly outside of the tape was turning yellow. The wart seemed to be trying to spread outside of the tape. Perhaps the tape hadn't stuck as well. When I was in the shower, I noticed that this yellow skin seemed to be layered on top of my normal skin in a visible way. Using tweezers, that skin peeled right up. There was very little resistance, and the skin just came off. It was amazing. Right underneath was pink skin. I did this while in the shower, while the duct tape covered the majority of the wart. After a few days, my foot started itching. A couple of days after that, the tape started to peel up. I followed the same process, and pulled the tape off, and dug out the available layers of the wart. The wart got smaller. I did the tape again. Same method as before. The same process happened a couple more times over the period of about a month and a half. One time, I jumped in the shower without tape on my foot just to wash that part of my foot (now about the size of a pea), and because it felt good not to have the tape. I noticed more of that yellow skin I could see through when it was wet. I did the same thing with the tweezers, and that layer peeled right up. Strange, right? As I looked at my foot, it didn't appear that there was anything there anymore. It looked like maybe I got through the final layer. Even so, to be cautious, I put on the tape for another two weeks. However, the tape simply stuck. My foot did not itch, and when I pulled the tape off (this time it stuck completely until I decided to replace it...No coming up at the edges), no skin was attached, and the skin underneath was simply white from lack of air exposure. The wart was gone. I figured that it had to be gone, although I almost couldn't believe it, since I had the wart so long. In fact, this wart was on my foot for so long, I forgot what it felt like not to have it. I was very cautious over the next few days looking for sudden growth that seemed like dead skin. After all, the bottom of my foot, though not scarred, was not perfectly pristine. I wanted to make sure it wasn't there, or regrowing. There were no new growths, or sudden appearances of dead skin.

The skin under the wart has now come back healthy. It feels so good to walk again. My foot actually tingles sometimes in that area because it is finally continually receiving air exposure.

Hopefully, this method helps somebody out there. I know how frustrating these things are. Good luck!!!

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Is your wart still gone? I have had a plantar wart for almost a year now and I have tried a few different treatment methods. I am just curious if the wart is still gone, because I would really like to try this, however, if it's come back I don't wanna just waste my time.


1. Aplie duck tape when foot is warm and clean.(note:your foot may hurt first day)

2.keap on if falls off and you see yellow skin take tweezers and peal away the layer and put duck tape back on.

3. keap on doing it till gone, i think that is it!! :)

that is putting it simple


on a scale of one to ten how much would you say it hurts?

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