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Tiffany H

Okay so Im deathly afraid of the dentist for two reasons the pain and the cost! So I have read every suggestion on this site and from previous experience with an abscess that made the left side of my face swell so i looked like a bull frog, i have chosen to do a combination of swishing with warm salt water, tea bags and heat compress! I remember last year when i had the abscess I applied a sock filled with rice and warmed it in the micro, the heat was an instant relief and sure enough in the middle of the night my abscess popped. I woke up to a nasty taste and smell :( ! I am more concerned now bout the pain and swelling so Im trying these remedies and crossing my fingers! Also I have a amoxycilin on hand thanks to my room mate who had a root canal this year!
Thank you all so much for your suggestions! Natural remedies hjave great truth think about native americans and other cultures! Nature provides a way to heal! God Bless!

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