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I didn’t believe any of these.. Ya right I have a filling it wont work!… (it is now 1 am, jan 3 2010) so I came up with my own thing.. Figured I might give it a go. And it worked! Heres what I did:

Heres situation: I’m 20 years old. Had this filling for almost ten years.. Today starts hurting. Never had this happen before! Going crazy. Can’t see dentist. So I found this site! Thanks!
Well I tried the almond extract. It calmed it down. Didn’t take it away. That sucked. My tooth doesn’t like cold or heat! Or sugar.. Or coffee. L Anyways I read a few pages and tried my own thing…
You know those round pressed makeup pads(cotton ball works too) well fold the round cotton ball in half. Place Crest pro health(or other tooth paste. This is what I used) in the middle of the folded cotton round.
Then soak it in Listerine mouth rinse (I used the green stuff) and if you are sensitive to cold. It will hurt! Mine did, but pull it off for a second, then keep putting it back on! My ache stopped almost instantly! I could NOT believe it!
So I’m gonna go to bed now, Thank you all for your advice I hope this helps everyone else. Not sure how long it will last. But good luck! And if it worsens try to see a dentist! (if I have to I will go)

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this really works. i have been suffering from the whole lower right side of my mouth having tooth aches bc of bad wisdom teeth. i used aquafresh isoactive and listerine and it took the pain away instantly.

i used to have to take 4 aleve just to be able to function. this works really well


Yeah it kinda worked i did right now (9:58 p.m.) omg! its gone and i really needed to go to the dentists ((asap!!)) GREAT IDEA IT DOES WORK!!


amazing this actually worked! it has been 5 minutes now and i do not feel any pain it tastes like crap but man really helps i was in pain that i could not sleep!


would that really work? wow i might just try that, I'v been in pain for almost a week and I can't make it stop i have a detist appiontment tomorrow I hope i can endure the pain that long thanxs i'll try it (I think)


I use clove oil if I can find it , ground tylenol works well if the tooth is broken, rum or whisky rises help but only temporary, and when nessessary i compound my pain killers, in 2 hour intervals, 1000 mg of ex strength tylenol, and 1000 mg of ibuprofen, and for some reason , don't let it touch your teeth , but on occasion when nothing else works drinking coca cola works, not pepsi, not reg cola products, only coca cola, drink casual, cold, and if its gonna work it will in about 40 to 45 min, or about a litre to a litre and 1/2, ?? might not work for you but works for me, also , try pepermint extract if you cannot find clove oil, or grind down a whole clove with a nail file or something. when it hurts try em all ,, remember its not to fix the problem , only to deal with the pain. I found rubbing the area only works with phantom pains. and vodka does not work like dark alcohols for some reason..

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