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I have had psoriasis for almost ten years now. I've tried everything from banana peels, to over-the-counter products like psoriacin, to prescriptions like clobetasol... None worked.

I recently discovered that I am pregnant, and I bought some lotion to help diminish stretch marks. I put the lotion on after I shower, and after one week, I noticed that my psoriasis is nearly gone! I can shave my legs now (those of you that have it on your knees and legs can appreciate this)!

The lotion is Palmer's Coco lotion for stretch marks. Make sure it is that particular brand and type... It will say, 'for stretch marks' on the bottle. I've tried coco butter and other palmers products but this is the only one that worked for me!

I attribute my clear skin to this lotion... It might be from my pregnancy, but I feel like the lotion did it. It's non-greasy, thick, and feels great on my skin. I haven't seen my real, normal, non-red, non-scaley knees or elbows in years! It's been a true blessing for me!;)

Good luck everyone! I pray this works for you as it did for me! Heather;) age 27

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The product might be helping but for some reason it is proven that while pregnant womens psoriasis improves or goes away. Mine also did this while I was pregnant, I wonder if it has to do with the prenatal vitamins??


I didn't know that! That's really neat though! I just hope it does not come back! I haven't taken the prenatal vitamins regularly as they made me nauseous, but have religiously used the lotion and almost 6 months later, I'm still clear! It could be the pregnancy in general... so I will make sure to update my condition after I have this baby!;) until then, I swear by the lotion!


I have had psoriasis since I was 15 I am now 33. I have 3 kids and with each pregnancy my psoriasis totally disappeared. I could not take prenatal vitamins because they made me sick. I thought it was weird that it disappeard with my pregnancies.

Rachel Jackson

When you are pregnant your body produces a hormone called hcg. High levels of this stuff clears psoriasis, that's why it clears up during pregnancy. You can purchase this hormone online and take it orally but your body becomes immune after about 40 days and you must discontinue taking it for 6 weeks. I have not tried it myself but have done research on it while reading about the hcg diet.


I hope it is your pregnancy, but with both of my pregnancies, my severe scalp psoriosis dissappeared. It came back after I quit nursing- I think mine is definately affected by hormones. Vitamin D seems to help me a lot.


i am 53 and have had psorasis since i was in high school. my psorasis completly cleared up while i was pregnant...maybe it is a hormone thing. i have it now as bad as i have ever had it in my life. doctors and the tar based products do nothing for me. tanning and sunning helps tremendously. today i plan to buy vitamin d and maybe try some zinc oxide. i itch like mad...


I first found I had psoriasis when my husband noticed bumps on my leg. My scalp was itching for about a year but I thought it was dandruff at first. The bumps on my leg got worse as did my scalp. I just found out I'm about 4 months pregnant. I haven't noticed my psoriasis get worse but I also haven't noticed it get any better. My scalp psoriasis has started to spread to my forehead to where I cut bangs in my hair to hide. I started taking prenatal pills last month but nothing. I hope it I find a home remedy to at least calm the effects of scaling and inflammation~

Marilyn Barnes

I was diagnosed with psoriasis at 8 years old.As well as the arthritis that comes with it and iritable bowel syndrome. A tipple threat of crappy immune system. I am now 26. With my first pregnancy my psoriasis was much worse. But it was also my first and a big trauma to the body. With all the relitivly quick changes to the body then being torn. With my second son there are minor spots here and there. But compared to before it is virtually gone. I thank my babies for granting mama a small break in her life long battle with this painful uncomfortable condition.

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