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Thanks to everyone on here. I have read through all the posts and picked out various things and after two weeks of an excrutiating abcess under a root canal tooth, this is my first day of relief without Ibuprofen and the swelling has gone down.

It takes quite a bit of time, attention and ingredients to do, but so far, seems to be worth it. Not only am I pain free today, but my sinuses have cleared too.

1. Chopped up three heads of garlic and steeped them in vodka. Every hour, I put half a tsp on the gum area.

(After 24 hrs, I strained and bottled the garlic tincture)

2. Cleaned my teeth with baking soda.

3. Used a Water-pik with heavily sea salted warm water and a tsp of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

4. Dipped a toothbrush in a combination of sea salt, baking soda, powdered alfalfa and turmeric and packed the gum/tooth area with it.

Repeated the above steps every hour or two. I also occasionally rubbed a drop of essential oil of peppermint on it.

Before bed, I repeated the above and then applied a dry teabag over the powder mix.

I would never have imagined the teabag would work so well! Thanks everyone.

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