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Ok, so my symptoms were very serious. My lips were inflamed all the time, cracking, peeling, drying out and lesions almost every week. I tried all types of lip balms, almost everyone on the market. With no help solving the bacterial infections, I ventured to out side sources, hydrocortisone wasn't working, nor was any type of lip balm. So her is what I found after paying 50$ for a 'kit'. It seriously saved my lips. The embarrassment was more than enough to make me try this, and after few sessions, I found that the lesions worked.
First get Antibacterial dishwashing soap. Any type of over the counter dishwashing soap as long as it is ANTIBACTERIAL, lemon works well.

Second some Vaseline or petroleum.

Third some non alovera tissues for blowing your nose.

Third. Vitamin b.

First get a extremely clean bowl, wash it out and fill with warm water. Soak your lips in the bowl for a half minute to a minute to get the lesions to open up and become soft tissue. Make sure they are damp.

Wash your hands and then the bowl with the antibacterial soap.

Take your Clean washed hands and apply about a pennies worth of the antibacterial soap to your index fingers and start to wash your wet lips with it, the lesions will open up. Start a good lather on around your lips taking about a half minute to a minute on each lip, and really work your lips. Be gentle but still make sure to thoroughly lather them up.

leave your lips with the lather on and wash your hands thoroughly to get all of the bacteria off you hands, really make sure the bacteria/fungus on you hand are all off. Use warm to hot water.

Them take your clean bowl, fill with warm to hot water, but nothing that will burn you or hurt your face and wash of the soap. Make sure to get it all off. Take your time, wash them really well.

Then re washes your hands to get off that bacteria, thoroughly.

Take the Clean tissues and dab your lips and mouth area, use as many as you need to but DO not use the tissue more than one dab, this why you have a box. Be generous with the tissues since you have a lot of them.

You will feel your lips tighten up; this will make them feel clean, almost totally tight. This is good, it means that your lips are clean of bacteria.

Now take the Vaseline, petroleum jelly, and apply to your lips. This makes the bacteria that was once there, not be able to get air to it .no air= no place for the bacteria to grow. Be generous but not too much, do what you think is ok.

Now let that sit for 2 hours. Do what ever you need to do and then after the 2 hours wipe off the Vaseline with some tissues. This will make the bacteria not be able to grow on your lips and mouth area.

Do this process one more time. It will take about 4 hours or so. But it will totally help. It worked wonders for me.

Now the b12 vitamins are to supplement the lack of b12 that kills off the bacteria, angular cheltis is a lack of b12 in the system, or from what I have heard it is. Now take the vitamin everyday and repeat this process many times as you feel necessary, like me I repeated a few times a weeks for over month. The first time for mild cases should do the trick, but if you are like me and have extremely red sore unhealthy lips. This could take a while.
But it seriously worked for me. I have the occasional outbreak of bacteria, but it is in what I eat. I stay away from alcohol, yeasts, bread and cheese. It kind of sucks but it is what I need to do to keep my lips respectable, not embarrassing and to bearable to eat burritos.

I paid 50$ or well my dad paid this, to help me get over it. The pdf file was kinda worth all of this knowledge.I pass it on to you, cause I know how it feels to be looked at and judged by this.

Good luck. And you are not alone.

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Dang! I wish I would have read this before that website charged me 67.00!!!! I was thinking it would cost maybe 10.00. I was so desperate that I paid for it. I feel dumb! Hope it works. I just started doing it yesterday.


I have been suffering with chelitis for almost 2 years now after getting braces to straighten my teeth.

My entire lips crack, peel and scab all over. Is this treatment suitable for your entire lip or just the corner?

I've tried every lip balm on the market plus cortisone. Aquaphor has been the most successful so far, but it hasn't healed the skin.


Just found out I have this today! It's been affecting the corners of my mouth off and on for months now.

Then a couple days ago I started getting these red, bumpy rashes around the rest of my lips! Ugh. So embarrassing, not to mention painful.

Anyway, I will try this when I get home from work and will report back.

Regardless, thank you all for sharing what has worked for you! We may all have different causes. Don't give up, surely something will work!


It didn't work for me =( Cleared up the abscess in the corner of my mouth for a while, but not the red bumps around my mouth. And now the corner of my lip is splitting again. The search continues.


Thank you for posting this!! I tried an abbreviated version last night (a quick wash, only an hour with vaseline, and done only once) and I'm 95% better. Will try it again tonight. Also using blistex during the day.


This is working!!!!
Tx Gabe & Good bless you for posting this online.


Thanks for sharing this vital information! Esp since you purchased it. I have mild eczema and always had crack corners of my lips. Very embarrassing.. Like everyone else, I've researched what could cause this- my toothpaste, citrus foods, stress, lack of water, lack of b12, bad diet, sensitive skin... Tried moisturizers, creams and neosporin, but always temporary results. Someone mentioned Zinc Oxide cream, but not sure if it'll do much. I'm giving it a try. Hopefully your method will rid it for the long run. Thanks!!


you are truly awesome for posting this! i really appreciate your help :)


Thank you very much for taking your valuable time in your comprehensive explanation of your treatment!! I look forward to trying it!! Good health!!!


can i just say THANK YOU!!!! i got what i thought was a cut in one corner of my mouth right after Halloween (2 weeks ago). 4 days ago it got out of control and spread to the other corner of my mouth! the worst part is i'm a voice actor and just booked a string of voice work just as the infection got worse! so imagine me in a studio doing kid voices (i'm a grown adult) in discomfort and agony! it began to to spread out from the corners of my mouth despite researching online and using tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, salt water, baking soda...not all at once but this is what i tried for some weeks. i found your post and got my hubby to pick up some Dial soap from the drugstore last night...before i went to bed i did as you said..soaked, washed, dry and vasaline...the very next morning (today) i'm already seeing HUGE improvements! and I'm confident by the end of the week i'll be cured! the skin is drying up and i'm no longer swollen, my lips and checks where fat and throbbing from this annoying infection. the swelling is gone! this worked for me! i did as you said and have done the cleanse about 3 times a day. the method makes sense! and while reading your post before even trying it i knew it would just makes sense. I am so grateful!!! thank you, thank you thank you for sharing!!!

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