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Ok, so my symptoms were very serious. My lips were inflamed all the time, cracking, peeling, drying out and lesions almost every week. I tried all types of lip balms, almost everyone on the market. With no help solving the bacterial infections, I ventured to out side sources, hydrocortisone wasn't working, nor was any type of lip balm. So her is what I found after paying 50$ for a 'kit'. It seriously saved my lips. The embarrassment was more than enough to make me try this, and after few sessions, I found that the lesions worked.
First get Antibacterial dishwashing soap. Any type of over the counter dishwashing soap as long as it is ANTIBACTERIAL, lemon works well.

Second some Vaseline or petroleum.

Third some non alovera tissues for blowing your nose.

Third. Vitamin b.

First get a extremely clean bowl, wash it out and fill with warm water. Soak your lips in the bowl for a half minute to a minute to get the lesions to open up and become soft tissue. Make sure they are damp.

Wash your hands and then the bowl with the antibacterial soap.

Take your Clean washed hands and apply about a pennies worth of the antibacterial soap to your index fingers and start to wash your wet lips with it, the lesions will open up. Start a good lather on around your lips taking about a half minute to a minute on each lip, and really work your lips. Be gentle but still make sure to thoroughly lather them up.

leave your lips with the lather on and wash your hands thoroughly to get all of the bacteria off you hands, really make sure the bacteria/fungus on you hand are all off. Use warm to hot water.

Them take your clean bowl, fill with warm to hot water, but nothing that will burn you or hurt your face and wash of the soap. Make sure to get it all off. Take your time, wash them really well.

Then re washes your hands to get off that bacteria, thoroughly.

Take the Clean tissues and dab your lips and mouth area, use as many as you need to but DO not use the tissue more than one dab, this why you have a box. Be generous with the tissues since you have a lot of them.

You will feel your lips tighten up; this will make them feel clean, almost totally tight. This is good, it means that your lips are clean of bacteria.

Now take the Vaseline, petroleum jelly, and apply to your lips. This makes the bacteria that was once there, not be able to get air to it .no air= no place for the bacteria to grow. Be generous but not too much, do what you think is ok.

Now let that sit for 2 hours. Do what ever you need to do and then after the 2 hours wipe off the Vaseline with some tissues. This will make the bacteria not be able to grow on your lips and mouth area.

Do this process one more time. It will take about 4 hours or so. But it will totally help. It worked wonders for me.

Now the b12 vitamins are to supplement the lack of b12 that kills off the bacteria, angular cheltis is a lack of b12 in the system, or from what I have heard it is. Now take the vitamin everyday and repeat this process many times as you feel necessary, like me I repeated a few times a weeks for over month. The first time for mild cases should do the trick, but if you are like me and have extremely red sore unhealthy lips. This could take a while.
But it seriously worked for me. I have the occasional outbreak of bacteria, but it is in what I eat. I stay away from alcohol, yeasts, bread and cheese. It kind of sucks but it is what I need to do to keep my lips respectable, not embarrassing and to bearable to eat burritos.

I paid 50$ or well my dad paid this, to help me get over it. The pdf file was kinda worth all of this knowledge.I pass it on to you, cause I know how it feels to be looked at and judged by this.

Good luck. And you are not alone.

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thank you i will try this, mine is not severe yet just sore both corner of my mouth :(. i used antibacterial cephatil soap. is that ok.


B12 source of food are beef, turkey, salmon, i eat alot of salmon and beef and chicken. why im lacking of b12?


I have no idea why you might be lacking b12, Maybe you might eat a good amount of foods and protiens that have it already but possibly you do not have enough. I had lesions directly on my lips and the corners of my lips. It hurt, was akward and embarresing as well.
As for the soap, the dishwashing liquid was what the files i bought told me. I tried it and with in a week of daily use, i had fresher lips.I took the b12 and still do to this day, if i miss a few days i notice a change in my lips color, still red and miscolored but not cracking, opening up , or peeling badly . It is trial and error for me. Try this process, it might cost you 10$ or so , and is a valid cure for most. I also use chapstick with sunscreen 30 spf , it is a little thicker than the regular stuff and works great in the sun.
I hope this works for you.


I have on and off bouts with Angular Cheilitis. Done hours and hours of research and different methods. Sometimes my lips would crack, then heal up. Sometimes, they would just swell and inflame at the corners, itch and get flaky. I tend to drool when i sleep so thats one of the main causes, but what really kicks it up another level is diet. When i start eating unhealthy- fried foods, hotdogs, chips, foods high in sodium, it starts spreading and getting worse. I've also tried the method above, a few months ago, and it did help but did not eliminate it. Since i had a severe case at the time, i did about 5 soap and vaseline cycles which completely dried up my skin and made my whole lips scale up and shed. I will try this method posted by gabe again, and will clean twice only lol. I just came back from the local walgreens and bought some lamisil 'jock itch cream'(terbinafine hydrochloride 1%) and will report back weather this stuff works or not.

and to Diane- vitamin b12 might not be the only thing causing it. I've read that it might also be a deficiency of zinc, iron and b2(riboflavin).


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS! I was so frustrated by all these websites that wanted me to pay $60 for this miracle remedy...this worked great and fast! Thanks!!!


Reporting back, this remedy does work. It clears it up, BUT it comes back within a week :( Also the fungal cream does not have any effect on the cheilitis.


I have been following this treatment for the last 3 weeks now. It has given me some relief, since the redness has lessened after applying the anti-bacterial soap, but it returns after eating my next meal with the same amount of dry skin around my mouth. It seems to be a never ending cycle. :(

The cuts at the corner of my mouth heal and then re-open again the following day...


I had this condition 3 weeks ago- it lasted over 2 weeks; it was embarrassing, especially because I work with the public on a daily basis, and also painful when I ate my lip corner's split open and bled. I tried the remedy you listed, not 100%, but it worked! Instead of vaseline, I also used carmex some days in the healing which helped a lot, as well as a topical anitbiotic cream, such as neosporin on the outer parts which were cracked and healing. I'm also taking vitamin E twice a day and vitamin B12. Thank you so much for sharing this info free of charge; it about 90% healed now and hopefully will not come back thanks to your advice.


Thank you SOOOO much for posting this!!!! i didnt even know what was going on on my mouth til about 30 minutes ago when i researched it, and you can imagine my dismay when i thought i was looking at a trip to the doctor, and a presription and its Friday night!!! That would have been a nigihtmare, im going to go try this now and hopefully it will help me too!!! thank you again!!!



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