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I am 23 years old, just started working in a hospital and it's been very dry lately.

My hands/wrists/arms became very red, splotchy and incredibly itchy.

Employee health thought it was contact dermatitis (WRONG) and their suggestions made it ten times worse.

I finally went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with eczema! They gave me a prescrip for betamethasone (awesome!!!) and told me to lotion right after showering with Cetaphil CREAM not lotion (lotions have too much water in them). All my symptoms have pretty much disappeared in less than a week.

I stopped using the betamethasone and I noticed a little bit of redness coming back on my wrists :( I am hoping that constant lotioning will gradually make it go away without having to continue the prescription stuff.

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i think cetaphil is the greatest thing i've ever found. i'm 20 and i've had eczema my whole life, i was hospitalised when i was 2 because it was really bad, and cetaphil is the most gentlest thing i've ever used on my skin. sometimes all the fragranced stuff made my skin itchy, particularly my face, although i never get eczema there. i know it might not have an appealing label or any ads with pretty women, but its so wonderful.

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