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Woke up this am with an abcetion.Just had all my teeth capped 5 year's ago to the tune of 13.000.00 to avoid this kind of stuff.I knew salt was good did'nt know about the tea bag.So i'm sitting here with a tea bag on it.Have all the vicodine I need cause of a broken back 10 yrs ago but hate taking that crap cause i cant crap when I take itLOLHow people can take that stuff as a recreation is beyond me.I digress.I don't want to take an antibiotic as they kill everything in your natural imune system and with the flu going around that's the last thing I want to do.I'll let you know if tea bag work's other wise I will be in my surgery room if not.Screw the dentist they charge way to much.And the thing is I flossed last night and brought it on by that.

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