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You can go to a healthfood store or drugstore and get what are called 'ear candles'. Just follow the directions. You will be amazed at how much nasty stuff will come outta your ears after using a couple of those. it is also fun to watch because the process consists of putting this long tube/candle looking thing in your ear and lighting the opposite end on fire and somehow that heat draws all the earwax and nasty junk out of your ear canal and when it is done you can open up that ear candle and see everything that was drawn out of your ears. Works Great!!

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I dont know how well it works seeing that all that smoke from the candles set my smoke alarms off in my home. But I have heard several said it does work just unplug your smoke alarms.


Don't do it! I listened to raves from a couple of friends and wanted to try the ear candling. Big mistake. I was in such pain within hours of the treatment, done by an experienced holistic practitioner. Next I developed an infection in both ears and then again later the same year. There was a constant moisture and odor coming from my ears for the next two years. I am finally back to normal and I would never recommend such a treatment.



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