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You can go to a healthfood store or drugstore and get what are called 'ear candles'. Just follow the directions. You will be amazed at how much nasty stuff will come outta your ears after using a couple of those. it is also fun to watch because the process consists of putting this long tube/candle looking thing in your ear and lighting the opposite end on fire and somehow that heat draws all the earwax and nasty junk out of your ear canal and when it is done you can open up that ear candle and see everything that was drawn out of your ears. Works Great!!

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that is a hoax, if you take the same candle and put it on a table and light the other end and leave the room somehow it will manage to remove all this wax from your ear??? it is a scam and ineffective


ear candles are a hoax and very dangerous. the gunk that 'comes' out of your ear is just the byproduct of burning the candle.


it takes a long time to work because it has to melt the wax in your ear and slowly it draws it to the surface. it helped with just the beginning staged of getting my rear to feel better. i am going to try flushing it a couple times after placing warm oil in the ear. it works a bit better (more faster results) and you don't get any live embers falling on you (i have scars still from doing it) or charcoal and burnt weird stuff adding to the wax


This is a scam. I fell for it and then tried it on my thumb nail. You can 'draw' wax out of your thumb if you try...
Since I have no wax in my thumb nail(or yours either for that matter)it had to come from somewhere. Guess the wax lining the burning tube might be a pretty good source...


Ear candles are a HOAX! I put one candle in my ear and used per instructions, and held another candle over the sink with a pair of tongs. When both had burned down to about 2-3 inches, I put them out and opened them up. Yes there was a nasty residue inside, but both were exactly the same, a yellow powder and brown wax, obviously by-products of the burning candles.A waste of money!


yes they really work its so nasty tho... u can hear up to 10 times better.... i love them


As an audiologist (doctor of hearing and balance), I highly recommend NOT using ear candles. They are NOT effective and extremely dangerous. Just two days ago I fit someone for a hearing aid in an ear they damaged with hot wax from ear candling.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence (or non-scientific evidence) to prove efficacy of ear candling. The same 'junk' that comes out of your ear with candling will be seen if you just burn the candle on the table nowhere near your ear.

Also, smoke cannot create enough of a vacuum to ever pull out hard, sticky ear wax. Do yourself a favor, either see a professional for removal or purchase a cheap at-home earwax removal kit from a local drugstore.


YEAHHHHaAaa....sounds insane,Flames in your ears dont right!


Having had ringing in my right ear due to wax build-up, I also was swayed by a suggestion to use an ear candle. I bought two, stood over the bathroom sink, lit the end and held it to my ear. The directions said it would take between 15-20 minutes to burn down far enough. Oddly enough, the thing flamed up like a Roman candle and only took about 10 minutes to burn down. I cut it open as per directions, and all I saw was beeswax accumulated at the bottom, still had the wax in my ear, so tried yet another candle, and the same thing happened. So not only is it dangerous if you have an Afro, but from what I can tell, totally ineffective. I still have the wax in my ear, it's manageable, and I plan to buy a water-pik to help break up the wax, beings how a trip to Urgent Care didn't include having a doctor removing the wax for me.


Ok Try some common sense here. Think about it. How can there possibly be enough suction from an ear candle to 'pull' ear wax out of the ear canal? Good grief people!

Here is why candling simply CANNOT work:

Since wax is sticky, the negative pressure needed to pull wax from the canal would have to be so powerful that it would rupture the eardrum in the process. However, candling produces no vacuum. Researchers who measured the pressure during candling of ear models found that NO negative pressure was created. The same investigators candled eight ears and found that NO ear wax was removed and candle wax was actually deposited in some of them!

Read this warning from someone who was gullible enough to use ear canaling:

I wish I had found your website earlier! I too used an ear candle and had disastrous results! An hour after candling, I developed a terrible earache and experienced hearing loss. My eardrums and ear canals felt like they had horrible burns.

I waited a week, in hopes that the ear pain would stop and my hearing would return to normal. When this didn't happen, I went to a see an Ear Doctor. My eardrums and canals were extremely red, irritated and burned. Wax from the ear candle was found on one of my eardrums and had to be scrapped and suctioned off at the doctor's office. A very painful procedure on sensitive burnt ears! An ear infection had also set in, requiring prescriptions drugs of a decongestant, an antibiotic and a steroid.

I had temporary hearing loss for several weeks due to one use of ear candles. My normal hearing is excellent. After using the ear candles a hearing test showed that my hearing had dropped to below normal hearing levels! After a month of treatment and a lot of ear pain, my hearing finally returned to it's normal level.

I hope that this dangerous product is banned so that other people are not also harmed by them!


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