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Update: Last week I told you I was suffering from a Kidney infection and was prescribed antibiotics and pain killers by my GP. On Monday evening I had to go to hospital as the pain was so bad, once there I was given morphine for the pain and admitted to hospital as it was decided I would need antibotics by intravenous along with the morphine. I was duly admitted and on the Tuesday was sent for a scan of the kidneys and bladder, this was followed by a full CAT scan which then revelaed that I had two kidney stones which had dropped down into the urethra and were causing a blockage. This now meant that I had to undergo surgery in order to have them removed and also a stent had to be inserted to protect the urethra which will remain in place for the next 3 weeks. I was informed that had I not gone to the hospital that evening, there was every possibility that I could have punctured my urethra. I am now back home and am recovering. On a side note, whilst in Hospital, my daughter was admitted to the maternity unit where she gave birth to a boy weighing 7lb 50z and I was lucky enough that the nurses allowed me to visit him. The treatment I received was second to none. That is the great thing about the British NHS service - no matter what you earn, you are all treated the same. Way to go UK!!

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There is a HUGE difference between a kidney infection and kidney stones. Your DR. was remiss when he sent you home without checking for the presence of stones. Kidney stones cannot be treated with pain meds, they will be excruciating until passes or they stop moving. Then, you feel prefectly fine.


please consider the full spectrum of the british national health care system. as you look at your situation through your own lense of experience, you certainly have come out with an opinion. and from that opinion, you've, it appears, developed the opinion that NHC or NHS, whatever you call it, it what should be mandated, based, i repeat, on your experience. here is the problem with that line of thinking, with all the respect i suspect you deserve, intended:

the goal of the NHS of england is to provide ALL brits with proper and high quality health care. if, therefore, the system does not accomplish providing proper and high quality health care for ALL - ALL - ALL, it has failed BY ITS OWN DEFINITION, NOT MINE.

your experience leads you to believe that it is a good system. the greatest healthcare system in the world is one in which the market provides and offers services based on demand. this keeps costs low and provides and environment for medical technological advances that surpass NHS of any countries by measurements that are astounding!

few places do this. the USA does not do this unfortunately. government intervention and regulation as well as the insidious nonsense of litigation has created an environment for HUGE overpriced care. STILL - THE UNITED STATES HAS BY FAR - BY FAR - BY FAR - THE GREATEST HEALTH CARE OFFERED, WORLDWIDE - AGAIN, BY FAR!

with the passage of the heath insurance reform, the USA, if that bill lasts the november 2010 congressional elections, will drop tremendously in the development of new medical research and technology.

is this suprising to read? why do some in america think they have bad healtcare? because the media lied to them and for a few decades told them they did. the thing is, in the US, whether you had kidney stones of kindney failure, you get FREE treatment if you need it. it is called Emergency Room Care and it is given free to poor americans and illegal mexican and columbians every single day. ask california - it is part of the reason they are broke!

in the USA, the government speaks daily of the 'greed' of 'big corporations'. the crazy thing is, government is definition of greed as they spend money that they take at the threat of prison, then say they dont have enough. when english citizens dont have enough money, they cut things - paid tv, internet, extra tea purchased, stop going out for pints. but government REFUSES to do what they tell us we are to do.

english NHS is CRAP! it DOES NOT WORK! read the newspaper - the government told brits in black and white to not go for medical attention unless vitally necessary! the reason - government does have enough money to pay for the care they claim we all get (BUT DONT)AND there isn't anyone left to tax because they taxed everyone into the poor house!

please, maddam, research - sit - consider. life IS NOT based on experience - that is lesson one. that one concept will lead englishmen down a path that will free the country from the socialist government and from the pure nonsense millions and millions of pounds of taxes are gathered for each year - to have a useless figurhead monarchy - un-be-freakin-leavable! 1. stop hating the rich and take care of yourself. 2. get to church - charity is THEIR JOB - NOT THE GOVERNMENTS!

sorry for the progression of aggression towards the end. the statements are quality and correct - please don't get hung up on the delivery.

I agree with Russel. This blog isn't meant to be a place to debate politics, but since you were tooting the socialist horn, something needs to be said:

No health care is ever free. Someone always has to pay for it. If you aren't paying the full price for your health care then someone else is making up the difference for you. Now, whether they have a choice in that matter determines whether the system in question is moral or immoral. If they help you of their own free will, the system is moral. If they are forced to help you against their will, the system is immoral. The British system is immoral.

Socialists in the media always praise the benefits of socialist systems without ever shining any light on the dark side of it--the huge tax burden that it creates and...

It is criminal to be charitable with other people's money. If you had to personally go to your neighbor's house and collect the money from him (at gun point, if necessary) to cover your health-care costs, then you would see the injustice of it (hopefully). When you make a government do it for you, it doesn't change the criminality of the deed--it only masks it.

Frederic Bastiat's very brief book, 'The Law', is a great reference on this subject.

American Made

Great healthcare in UK? Not! A visiting minister from England was speaking at my church about 15 years ago and talked about the health care there. He spoke about when his wife had a baby they brought him home and he became very sick for a couple of weeks. Then finally the GREAT UK HEALTH CARE SYSTEM decided to check for jaundice. Wow, that's what he had. He bragged how great they were in finding this. (this is a no brainer for drs.)
Uh, daughter and son both had a small touch of that as babies, come to find out this is very common, and just needed to lay them where the sun would shine on their back side. It worked fine.
Great Health care....USA!!!!


completely irrelavent


Try living in south Africa! If you don't have money , you will be left to die! They don't care . People living in first world countries have NO idea what bad heathcare really is !

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