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so ive had this really bad tooth ache for a few months its very bad to where i need to either get a root canal or get it pulled i dont have the money yet and every now and then i get a ridiculous extreme pain on that tooth. usually ill have painkillers that ill take and it works wonders for me. but on those nights i dont have them like tonight. i get to the point i just dont know what to do. i came on this site and tried the peanut butter. started to go away. then i tried the vanilla extract with a qtip and putting it right on the bad tooth. slowly started to work more and finally i did the Oregano put a bit between ur gum and the tooth and chew on a bit and rub it on the bad tooth and within min it was gone! idk what worked but between those remedys something worked hopefully now i can get some sleep. thanks so much everyone for your intresting remedys.

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