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Asthma treatment- using Tumeric, Boswellia and Sea salt.

Take 400 mg. of Tumeric, 250 mg. of Boswellia, and breathe very deeply through a home-made sea salt inhaler (see below) for 10 deep inhalations-all twice daily- every day to maintain excellent lung health.

Home-made sea salt inhaler.
You will need= an old plastic pill bottle with a plastic lid, electrical tape-or other pliable tape, a paperclip, pliers, and coarse sea salt.
Open up the paperclip to form a straight piece of metal. Grab the paperclip near the end with the pliers, hold the other end over the flame or heat of a stove until the end gets red hot. Now, with the bottle sitting on a table, quickly melt holes through the sides of the very bottom of the bottle every 1/8' until you go all the way around the bottle. You may have to heat the paperclip up again to do this depending on the thickness of the bottle. Now, put holes in the very center on the top of the lid every 1/16' (at least 12 holes) leaving the perimeter still solid. Now, fill the bottle 1/3 up with sea salt. Next, wrap tape around the top sides of the lid on well to seal off any air leakage and PRESTO!!!'ve just made a sea salt inhaler that companies charge good money for!
To use= simply put your mouth over center of the lid and breath deeply in, remove mouth from bottle and hold for 5 seconds, exhale as deeply as you can. Repeat this process for 10 inhalations.

** It would be helpful to obtain the highest quality supplements possible, as they will be more potent. The mg. dosages is what has worked great for me. I've discovered this remedy on my own by doing lots of research of natural supplements and experimenting. It would also be wise to avoid smokey, dusty or moldy conditions or environments. My asthma was severe and is now very under control. Good luck to you!!

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This actually works ive tried it as for a couple that i have tried on here are not quite working i tried this and now i have my asthma under control.


This actually works ive tried it as for a couple that i have tried on here are not quite working i tried this and now i have my asthma under control. so thank you very much i will be looking for more remidies that you have posted if yhou could email me with some more remedies that could improve my asthma then i would be very grateful my email address is:


i will be trying this i kno hat for a fact i have had asthma since i was born. thank you so much for this :)


Hi, Thanks for posting the BEET juice remedy, I have this seasonal ashtama (terrible) - Pollen allergy. Been sufferring since last 3 seasons but this season I tried fresh BEET juice and on the 4th day I could breath normally. I even went to the high pollen area (office) and came back home as normal. I continued drinking this regularly for 12 days. My coughing ceased in 2 weeks but Ashtama was cured on the 4th day. After 12 days I am not so regular but drinking this atleast alternate day. I added 1 big lemon to the juice and its tastes much better and also the high oxalate (debate) content in BEET can be minimized by adding 1 or 2 lemon juice to it, it also adds vitamin C.

250 to 300 ML of fresh BEET juice per day - add some lemon.

Thanks again for the post.

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