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I have had crohn's disease for 2 years and accidentally stumbled upon a remedy. I was determined to find a natural way to treat it, since I believe that the immune suppressing drugs the doctors give only mask the symptoms, not treat the cause. They think it is the body attacking itself for no reason, that the immune system is too strong. But from my personally experience I believe that it is a yeast that my body is fighting, and that my immune system is too weak, so the battle wages on causing chronic inflammation. Well, I bought a drink with soluble fiber in it, and lo and behold, it made my diarrhea go away-which I had constantly for a year and a half. So I bought some in powder form and take it in the morning and at night. It is inulin and guar gum. Thank God I found that. Because no matter what I stayed away from, nothing helped. So I feel the responsibility to pass this information along so it can help someone else.

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Please tell me where you can find the product that you are talking about. My E-mail is


Thank you for you feed back.Please let me know of the drink and information on how I can purchase as my mom is suffering.

my email id is your reply is highly appreciated.


Could someone please email this drink my husband also has this.. Thank You


Can I get the Name of that drink having a bad flare up and the meds are not helping

M B Gita

My daugter suffers UC please tell me the drink which helps my email id

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