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I have had crohn's disease for 2 years and accidentally stumbled upon a remedy. I was determined to find a natural way to treat it, since I believe that the immune suppressing drugs the doctors give only mask the symptoms, not treat the cause. They think it is the body attacking itself for no reason, that the immune system is too strong. But from my personally experience I believe that it is a yeast that my body is fighting, and that my immune system is too weak, so the battle wages on causing chronic inflammation. Well, I bought a drink with soluble fiber in it, and lo and behold, it made my diarrhea go away-which I had constantly for a year and a half. So I bought some in powder form and take it in the morning and at night. It is inulin and guar gum. Thank God I found that. Because no matter what I stayed away from, nothing helped. So I feel the responsibility to pass this information along so it can help someone else.

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I truly think you have something there about the yeast...I think many ppl have this problem and doctors ignore it. Way too much yeast in our diets..


its yeast overgrowth especially after taking antibiotics


Agreed - for many, yeast is a problem. I noticed improvement (although not remission) when taking Ketoconozole. By the way, inulin is not just a good soluble fiber, it's a prebiotic for good bacteria, and, I've noticed better results when I've added a tolerable amount to my diet each day.


My daughter is suffering from UC, she's only 6. I'm going crazy trying to find something that helps! She's on remicade and homeopathic remedies now, I am certain there has to be soemthing else that I can do. She started the first grade this week and I already have to take her out of school. How can I get ahold of this? Do they sell it at healthfood stores?


What was the name of the drink you bought with the inulin and where do you get it?


Can I have the name of that drink please? I have ulcerative colitis hopefully it helps this too. My email is thanks!


Can you please send the me more information about the drink?


I would like more information on the drink as well please


My husband suffers from the same thing. Please send me the information about that drink. What is it and where do I find it along with the insulin with the stuff in it.


Please send me this information as well. Can you also post the answer? I'm sure there are many others that are inquiring.

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