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Sore Throat Tips and Remedies...


1. Never EVER drink nor eat dairy products when having a sore throat or hasty cough. Why? Because dairy promotes mucus production, which is NOT what you want.

2. Don't gargle Peppers, spices, or vinegars. This will just burn your throat and irritate it more.


LEMON JUICE-breaks up mucus

HOT WATER-calms down swelling

HONEY, SYRUPS-Soothing, a tasty ingredient


Grab your tooth brush and some toothpaste and brush your teeth like usual. Try to brush a little deeper than usual. The toothpaste will remove any residue that lies there.

Sip on some very hot water.


Are you at the store? Well pick up a few bags of cough drops, some tea bags, and sore throat medicine. The cost is cheap, and you'll be saving the next person who gets a sore thraot A LOT of trouble.


Oh no! You have a sore thraot, and there are many other people in your house who can, and will get it if you do not follow these simple instuctions

USED TISSUES- throw 'em away ASAP, and keep them away from babies who can play with them them, YUCK!

DRINKS- no one should ever drink out of the same glassd of someone who has a sore throat, or any sickness.

TOOTHBRUSH- make sure you wash your toothbrush very good after every time you brush your teeth when you have a sore throat, becuase when you feel better and use that same toothbrush that was used when you had a sore thraot and wasn't washed good, its likely you will get it again.

DISSINFECT- you have any sickness of any sort and you want to PREvent any others from having it, right? It's very simple, spray some dissinfetant spray wherever you've been. This will keep everything germ free


1. Pour about a cup of water into a microwavable cup. Heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Slip in a tea bag of your choice. Avoid spicy teas like ground black peppers or cinnamon. A good example is green tea. This is calming, healthy, and not spicy. Mix in a table spoon of lemon juice and a few drops of honey. Finally, add sugar to taste. drink the tea as slow as possible, but continuous. Make sure your drinking it when its still hot.

2. Ahh, the old salt gargling remedie. Microwave about a cup of water for around 3 minutes. While it's still hot, add about 3 to 4 tablespoons of salt, fine granulated. Wait until salt is fully dissolved. You know when you've added enough salt when you can't see through the clear glass. in little sips, gargle the salt water. Make sure you garle deep, or were the throat is sore. Like pouring salt on a snail, the salt will break up the mucus.This may sound gross, but you will soon have a lot of spit coming up your throat. This is good, and means it's working.

3. Fresh squeezed fruit juice always helps one who is sick. Place a few apples, some lemons,and spinach into a juicer. Once the juice has come out, ENJOY. This will just build up your amune system and prevent the sickness you have from getting any worse!

I hope these remedies and tips help you with your sore throat and prevention from getting sick again. Remeber, treat, rest, and dissinfect are all of the important rules to follow when being sick. STAY HYDRATED, AND EAT PLENTY OF APPLES!

if you like the home doctor's tips and remedies, please leave a comment below stating 'I need an appointment' then describe what sickness you have, or if you don't know, comment on what symptoms you have. The home doctor will post another guide stating what you may have and how to help and rid of it!

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Thank-you soooooo much for this...I feel so much better! Great advice! (:

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