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More as prevention than anything else, but it also works for those who already have wrinkles.

Everyday when taking a shower, always apply honey to your skin (preferrably manuka honey, but any raw honey will do) from head to toe, everywhere including hair and lips. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse. This will leave your skin smooth, matte and hydrated. Also, never go out without applying spf 30 non fragance, non comedogenic sunscreen before (preferrably 20 min. before), and keep hydrated. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. This is simple stuff, but works wonders and is great for skin care in general, not just wrinkles.

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Do NOT put honey on your hair!!!
Honey has a bleaching effect and may turn your hair white!!!
Look it up
This person obviously has no idea what they are talking about.
I put honey as a facial mask everyday and leave it on for 10 min. It's great for acne/ acne scars so I wouldnt necessarily reccommend putting it on your entire body. Unless you have acne in other places like your back/ chest.


You ladies need to try the derma roller for wrinkles stretchmarks and more! You can get one for cheap at or ebay they work wonders!

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