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Symptoms of croup are caused by narrowed airways. They include a barking cough; a raspy, hoarse voice; and a harsh, crowing noise when breathing in. The cough is very distinctive, so you'll know it when you hear it. It is often compared to the sound of a barking seal. Sometimes children breathe fast and need to sit up to breathe better.

Symptoms of croup often improve during the day and get worse at night. Sometimes children have croup attacks that wake them up in the middle of the night for a couple of nights in a row, but the illness usually improves gradually in 2 to 5 days.

Even though your child's coughing and troubled breathing can be frightening, home treatment usually eases the symptoms.

Try to stay calm during an attack, and soothe your child. Crying can make the swelling in the windpipe worse and make it even harder to breathe.
Breathing in moist air seems to help during a croup attack. Fill your bathroom with steam from the hot water faucets, and sit in the room with your child for 10 minutes. Or hold your child directly over a humidifier, and let the vapor blow directly in his or her face.
Breathing cool night air also seems to help sometimes. Dress your child in warm clothes, and go outside for 10 minutes.
If symptoms improve with these methods, put your child back in bed with the humidifier blowing nearby. Do not smoke, especially in the house. If the symptoms happen during the middle of the night, it is a good idea to sleep in or near your child's room until morning.
It is important to keep your child well hydrated. Offer water, flavored ice treats (such as Popsicles), or crushed ice drinks several times each hour.
I got this information off of Web MD...It worked for me...

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croup is swelling of the epiglottis...the upper airway..use ice packs on the throat, ice cubes in a cool mist humidifier..outdoors in the cold if its cool enough outside.
heat and warm mist does nothing but make it worse


Totally agree. Warm mist does nothing. But cold air and upright posture fixes it. This is such an upsetting problem. My 10yo son has had 4 attacks this year. It is actually getting worse with age. Anything to cure it for good?


There are no cures that I know of (I wish there was). Most children grow out of it. But my 1st episode of croup was when i was 12. I am now 22 and I suffer from it yearly. My Parents always used Hot water, Honey, & Lemon to sooth it along with benydrly allergy liquid. Now I use hot tea and Cold air. (Sometimes I have to use the benydryl even though I hate it)


My son is 4 and has had croup a lot since he was 4 months old. After having it repeatedly for four months in a row, the doctor put him on singular. This has reduced the amount of times he gets croup but he still gets it one or two times a year. I like the idea of ice in the humidifier, I will try that.

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