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You can't go wrong with pure baking soda. I'd brush lightly like usual with it, approx every other day. Because if you use it too much, you can ruin your enamel and cause too much friction on your gums. I've also used half baking soda, half toothpaste of choice in a same brushing and gotten similar results... u just add some mintyness so it's not as bad. I've heard some people can't handle brushing with baking soda because of the 'taste,' but really, you'll get over it. It's not like it tastes like vomit or something, it's just simply not going to give you a minty lather.

Also, brush within 30 min after drinking coffee, tea, or sodas. Drink lots of water. And eating raw, fresh fruits and veggies also contributes in cleansing the teeth when you chew them.

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Baking Soda is a good thing to whiten your teeth but using it for a long period of time does remove the enamel. I am speaking from expeirance. However, I am gonna try to olive oil rememdy. Does anyone know if it does work?


Actually its best not to brush for at least 30 mins after drinking/eating anything sugary or acidic, the acids soften the enamel & make it easier to damage it.


then why risk it, just have yellow teeth period. who cares anyways.

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