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I wouldn't say I've ever had a bad acne problem, but like most people, in my late teens a few zits starting arising here and there. I tried all the store brand stuff... every single thing made the zits worse. Wasn't long before I swore off the #1 'zit products'. I tried proactive because my brother had it, and it destroyed my skin within 5 seconds- never touched it again. I never wore make up at this time either, so it wasn't having any impact in the cause. In my microbiology class a few years ago, I realized I was giving myself zits from leaning my face on my hands in school and at work and so on. As soon as I realized that, I eliminated the habit and saw quite a difference. However, my biggest difference, and I barely ever get zits anymore except for an occasional one right before menstruation (hormones obviously), was when I started washing my face morning and night with 'gentle cleansing Cetaphil'. Not the face wash version, but the regular one that you can even wash your body with. It IS gentle and it does it's job really well. I have recommended Cetaphil to all my friends with acne problems, but they all gave up on it due to lack of patience. And also, they're not taking the extra precautions to reduce acne, like eating right, drinking water, and avoiding touching their face, etc.

Oh, and I don't know how much a bigger difference it makes, but i NEVER wash my face in the shower. I will wet it, pat it dry, then wash it with cetaphil with a clean cloth after my shower. I'm sure it has some sort of effect on the extra cleanliness.

Otherwise, moisturize every morning after washing with cetaphil and apply make up as needed, or don't, whatever. THe moisturizer's you use will also make a huge difference in if you get acne or not too. I have also tested a lot of different kinds and found the ones with the least chemicals possible, as being the best. There use to a be a facial lotion called skinmilk, but they stopped making it- it was amazing- never had a zit. Cetaphil's spf facial moisturizers do work too, as long as I apply a coat of powder make up, of a sort (I use bare minerals veil) over it, it makes a different if I'll get any zits or not. And recently, Alba's green tea (and something or other) facial lotion is my favorite- never got a zit using it either. But I have tried other natural moisturizers and broke out from them, so it varies.

Also, if you wear make up, be sure you're cleansing your make up brushes often- they will accumulate bacteria and cause a break out here and there over the course of a day.

Alas, just eat and drink healthy- it makes a difference. Otherwise, I'd just say be sure to have patience and read around and try things and see what works and doesn't work for you- it IS different for everyone. My face probably prefers the thing I use because I have sensitive skin, as well as slightly dry skin.

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For most of my life, Ive used cetaphil gentle cleansing wash, but it must not have worked for me because I first started developing acne while I was using it (I was 11ish, 14 now) and once I switched to something else my acne improved considerably (it's still not gone completely yet, that's why I'm here :P) but I find that cetaphil leaves a kind of film on my face that certainly does nothing to prevent acne. Right now I use an eau thermale avene cleanser that I recommend :)

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