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My name is amanda and I have had these ugly marks for 10 years. I want to share what worked for me so maybe it will help others. I use the 100 percent cocoa butter stick but I use palmers stick. I get mine at walmart. Then I go get jergens skin firming bronzing lotion. This combo is awesome. I use the stick like 3 times a day and the lotion everyother day after a shower. The lotion makes all the marks blend in with your skin tone and firms your skin while the stick firms and shrinks the marks and takes all red out. Trust me. People notice the difference. Not just me seeing changes. Sometimes also using caffeine will make the skin shrink like using coffee grounds once or twice a week in the shower. Sounds crazy I know but it works. Once you get in the routine, its a sintch. So remember, jergens skin firming bronzer, and 100 percent cocoa bitter stick. Nothing else or your gonna freak your skin out. Good luck. Let me know how it goes!!

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hi my name is amanda too and out of all the things ive read about yours stuck out...maybe its the name idk. im 19 yrs old and 33 weeks pregnant. im getting the stick and the lotion tomorrow! hope it works. thanks for the help!


Hi I have the same thing on my hips and it sucks I reallllly want to get rid of it befor swimsuit season an this sounds like the perfect way! If it works I'll might even consider naming my baby Amanda!!!

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