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phoebe plumlocks

Directions: Drop a mint into any type of hot tea (I used maple tea) and let it do it's work on the tea for at least 45 seconds and enjoy! If there's some mint left at the bottom once the tea is gone you may enjoy that too, the more mint the better. (Not recommended if you have nausea)

I had a really bad stomach ache and this worked instantly, I thought of this because I watch the discovery channel a lot and back in the day they used mint leaves for stomach aches and to help with digestion and the mints we have now are a lot stronger I'm sure, so I dropped one in my tea and vela. I personally thought it worked better than tums which I usually have on hand but didn't this time. Good luck, I hope it works as well for you and you feel better. ;) I do notice the more healthy I eat and the less fried foods and cheese the less stomach aches I have, just a tip.

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