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Marijuana will relieve all aches. Period. and its healthy for the mind as well. It has no proven side effects.

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Cannabis is a load of shite its not healthy for you it robs you of reality. Nothing means anything anymore that's why I stopped but as for the back pain well that was intensified by the weed. Seriously I would rather run hose from the tailpipe of my diesel car straight into my lungs and another thing about weed is that it turns you into a dumbass hence it ruined my grades and my life. Now I am unemployed and living off esa as I am mentally too ill to work. All thanks to lovely Mary jane


Seriously smoking marihuana tp relieve back pain?? lol that would be great if it didnt lead to LUNG CANCER! due toinhaling the smoke u dummy. oh any geez so many deaths from alcohol and ciggarets and they kill. i don't get it. why legalize substances that KILL period. it may take a while but they KILL!

Anaphylaxis to Many Meds

Marijuana research shows pain relief, especially for people who have had to use narcotics that are potent and addictive. Both the cancer issue and the 'high' only come from smoking it but there are MJ tablets and foods now, which doesn't stop clear thinking. If it is legal in your state, get a prescription and try it. It also has, fairly obviously, anti-anxiety effects. Study research results and experiences of others on your own. I am.


I really wish it cured all aches and pains but I am afraid it doesn't :-(
It takes away some of it though, enough to give me some relief and calm and makes the life worth living.

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