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Did your dog or cat eat something bad? Hydrogen peroxide induces vomiting! Just use a syringe to force peroxide into their mouths/throats. Within a few minutes they will vomit!

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if your dog or cat ate something bad it will vomit itself.


This does work. My dog ate an entire pan of brownies. Since I found out within just a short time (less than 30 min) the vet had me give her 2T of peroxide. She startded throwing up in about 5 min & vomited off & on for about an hour. This was much better than what could have happened had things just 'run their course'. #1 b/c chocolate is oison to dogs #2 she is an inside dog so even if it wasn't fatal i could'nt have her pooping & puking all over for who knows how long.


This is true. My dog got ahold of rat poisoning blocks. So we called the hotline and asked what should we do. They told use to mix water & peroxide together and they will vomit it up. And they did!

Ed Godwin

My15 year old Border Collie ate rat poison, I did the peroxide thing and it worked great. He had no residual effects.


Add the peroxide to a little bowl of milk. The dog will lap it up and vomit the whole thing up.


Hydrogen peroxide saved my Lab's life when he ate an entire container of D-con mouse poison several years ago. I just poured a couple of tablespoons of peroxide down his throat, and within 5 minutes, he brought the entire contents of the box up. He suffered no ill effects, and is still alive and doing well!


You need to be VERY CAREFUL doing this. It depends on What the dog ate, how Much he ate, the Weight of you pet... Call poison control first. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck!

My dog also ate rat poison. I called the vet, vet said to quickly give her a couple teaspoons of peroxide and get her to the vet ASAP for a vitamin K shot. The rat poison will cause the dog to hemorrhage on the inside and if not treated quickly, it can bleed to death. The vitamin K shot will keep this from happening.
She threw it up, but gave her the shot to be on the safe side. It only cost me $18. Money well spent! Not everyone can pay that but, take them and talk to your vet. Maybe they can come up with some kind of Payment plan.


Peroxide does work....The one time I used it I sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top and lapped it up quickly and vomit quickly.


Pet poison control is a joke. I called the ASPCA poison control line and they demand $60 upfront. So much for caring about animal welfare. Hydrogen Peroxide is very effective. Watch how much you administer, though. About 1 T for cats and if it doesn't work immediately, don't administer more right away. Make them move - it churns the bubbles and it will work.

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