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I can only assume from the various comments that most of you have not had a full blown kidney infection. Believe me you would certainly know about it if you had. Mine started yesterday (Sunday) and I have been climibing up the walls with the pain - rang the doctors surgery and was asked to produce a urine sample (even the doctor was shocked at the colour) and the stick they test it with went off the charts! Needless to say I was given antibiotics and pain medication. Hoped the pain medication would kick in and like a bloody fool I went on to work - I lasted two hours! Added to this the thirst I have is unbelieveable so I am also drinking water by the gallon - would love to have cranberry but being a diabetic prohibts this due to the sugar level. So I will let you know how long it takes to recover - What a time to get one (my Grandson is due to be born tomorrow and I was supposed to look after his brother - that is now at the window, so I will miss the most important day of my new Grandsons life). I have the distinct feeling that had I been an animal of any kind then a vet would have taken pity on me and put me out of my misery.

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For diabetes patients - plain boiling water - drink as much as warm as you can. This also helps to clear it. I put some parsley into the water and drink it. It does work

Erin Sheridan

the cranberry is not full of sugar when you drink it properly, as 100% juice. The health food store will have it, but not typically the local grocery store. No Ocean Spray, only 100% juice!


Why don't you dring pure cranberry juice then...that's what I do, there is barely any sugar in it. They also make lite cranberry juice that has fake sugars so you're insulin would increase.


'Pure' unfiltered cranberry juice has 10g of sugar per 8 oz glass. If you dilute it like most people, as it is pretty potent stuff, it's even less per 8 oz. of liquid.

Most 'juices' lately have 30+ g. of sugar per glass. Far too much.

Pure CJ is relatively low in sugar.

We all Shine On

Here are some ideas for Kidney infection. My naturopathic doctor told me to take antibiotics for Kidney infection he told me to NOT TO mess around so I took it I also was told to stop all sugar, dairy, and wheat take tons of probiotics

Make a thick wet charcoal poultice and put it over you kidneys of course you will need suran wrap to cover the charcoal poultice. Simply bandage the plastic around you and then get a towel wrap it around you and when the charcoal is dry take a shower,The charcoal will be easily removed and then I kept this up for a few days .
Get D-Mannouse way stronger than cranberry juice
Apple cider Vinegar 1/4 cup
1 teaspoon sea salt in water
Olive Oil Extract,
Grapefruit Seed extract 20 drops three times a day
Collodial Silver 1 tablespoon three times a day
GARLIC WATER this is amazing chop up garlic and leave in water then begin drinking garlic
Baking Soda 1/2 teaspoon three to four times aday

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