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This worked really well for my husband every time. Boil three banana peels in about 2 cups of water. Simmer until half the water is gone. Add sugar to enhance the taste, I use rock sugar or raw sugar. Drink the water. It works over night. Keep drinking this until the hemorrhoids are gone. Usually takes about two days. He is now drinking banana peel water once a week to prevent it from coming back.

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I am trying ur banana peel water thing, u didn't say how much ur supposed 2 drink. Am I supposed 2 drink it all and make more everyday or only drink part & save part for the next day? Please let me know and thank u for the whole advice :-)


To above poster. If you boil half away should only be a cup left. You probably drink a cup worth. I'm really curious to know if anymore people trying if it works??

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