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i have had acne since i was 12. im 13 now and i use something unusual on my face. i use miracle whip.


-wash your face in warm or cold water ( i use warm water to kill the bacteria)

-apply a small amount of Miracle Whip onto your face and make a thin layer.

-Let it dry for 10-15 mins. (it will sting only a little but if u have a open sore it will sting a little more)

-after the 10-15 mins rub your face,with pressure, with clean hands.(DO NOT PUT HAND SANITIZER ON YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU RUB YOUR FACE!!!!) do this for about 5-7 mins

-You will see small things comming off of your face. do not be scared. thats
the dry skin coming off of your face. and it helps your pinples and blackheads go away because or the natural affect of the vinigar in the Miracle Whip.(the vinigar acts as a 'cleanser')

-wash it out with warm water.

use this every night before you go to bed for about 1-2 weeks. if you do this you WILL end up with soft acne free skin.

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This is interesting, i shall try this!! :O!

AK :)

I just tried this. I have sensitive skin, and salicylic acid hurts my face. I have really bad acne. Hope this helps!!


ok this might seem stupid but what is miracle whip? i've never heard of it! Im living in ireland so could it be under a different name???


Miracle whip is a kind of mayonnaise/dressing:P


I tried this, and after about 5 minutes my face got very hot. When I went and looked in the mirror, my face was fire engine red and swollen. Not sure if this is just a reaction I had or what but its still very red and hot after 10 minutes.

Miracle Roberts

sounds kool. and u spelled mmiracle right. FINALLY, SOME ONE WHO CAN SPELl
love ya :) lol

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