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This site was a real relief when I found it today... my gum abcess has been brewing for several days & I was just using mouthwash & crossed-fingers to hope it went away - dreading the thought of trying to get a dentist appointment next week. After reading these pages, I had a look in my cupboard & tried a drink of (alcoholic) peppermint then back to the mouthwash.
Thought I'd also try the dry teabag method, only left it in half an hour, now, 2 two hours later, the abcess is no longer visible. Didn't feel it go, only had a slight nasty taste in my mouth but just now,after cleaning my teeth & using mouthwash I looked & prodded - nothing there! Wont' say I'm cured, see how I go but I feel fine now. Thanks to all of you.

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