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I read many web sites with different remedies
This one really works my 4 yr old complained about her ear and was not acting the same. she doesnt swim so I knew it was due to her cold. I placed one drop of red vinegar Im sure any would work in her ear didnt wipe it off, told her to lay on her opposite ear and in 5min instant relieve

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Hanna Edelkamp

Thank you so much! It really helped my little brother. He started feeling better as soon as we put the vinegar in. He was so scared!


My 6 yr. old daughter has been complaining about her ear on and off for the last week. I put a couple of drops of the vinegar and instant relief. Thank You!


I had my one yr old daughter dressed to go to the ER. Found this website, tried the drops of vinegar, she is sleeping peacefully now. This is a great remedy.

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