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I have had migraines since I was in second grade. A way to prevent them is to stay hydrated (hard for me because I go to school and I am not allowed to drink anything there) and never feel hungry. Sounds weird but I get my migraines before I eat because I am hungry and thirsty. I f you cannot prevent it then use this next advice. I have migraine medicine that I got at food lion. When I feel a migraine, I quickly take that. That doesn't help much though. So while the migraine is going on, I go to the bathroom. I always feel sick so I go there. Normally bathrooms don't have windows so turn off the lights and sit there. Also I drink something cold and caffeinated. NOT COFFEE!!! If you can lay towels on the floor and lay down, good. If you can sleep, then that is better. Just stay away from light and sound. As soon as it is gone, get food and drink until you need to pee. I also heard that cashews can keep away migraines. I hope this helps somebody.

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Taylor Danielle

HI I am 16 and in high school. I have been having optical migraines for 4 or 5 years now. I am actually having one now that’s why I am on here! But I am at school. And I looked though a lot of webs about migraines and optical migraines but they all have facts wrong! Like they all say in optical migraines there is no pain and all you get is spotty vision and vomit. And that’s wrong. I get pounding pain or just really hard presser on my eyes, I lose my vision interlay for about 5 sec at a time, I get dizzy! When it gets really bad I can’t even walk one because I am too shaky or motion well make me sicker! Any way what I want to say is that I get sick if I don’t have water ( my school is the same at home I carry water with me every were.) and any time a get hungry I get a pain in my head that just billed until it’s a migraine. Then after I eat it feels better but I didn’t really think about it. So now I think I am going to bring snacks with me to school oh and you are the only person that has facts right lol I think on all the other web sites thoughts people have never had a migraine of any sort. So THANKS!


You should go to your doctor and get a prescription that will allow you to carry a water bottle at school. If your school continues to not allow you to carry a water bottle, I would look at starting a lawsuit.


Your parents need to request an ARD and bring your doctor's letter. The school will have paperwork (sometimes called a 504 plan) to prevent discrimination or make accomodations for special needs. They will all sign to make your physical needs due to your health condition required by all teachers to follow. Get the letter from your doctor first. You are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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