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I recently started to have this 'funny' odor whenever I had sex with my husband. It was really bothersome to me because I didn't feel sexy anymore and I couldn't even enjoy oral sex like before. About a month ago, I tried something that has really worked. First, I threw away all my panties that were not 100% cotton, then stopped douching, then once a week would insert a garlic clove (peeled) in my vagina overnight and take it out in the morning, also sleep without panties, then take a hot bath in vinegar water, eat a lot of yogurt, and drink a lot of lemon water to detox my body. After a month of these rituals the odor has gone away almost completely. Another thing I did that only if you can you should do; I stopped taking my birth control pills for awhile because the hormones in them messes with your ph balance and contributes to vaginal problems, but I understand if you can't do that one. Hope this helps a little, even if you can't do all these things, a few of them still should help out a little.

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I've been having this problem for almost a year and my boyfriend always complain.. I started with the garlic yesterday.. I put it there for couple of hours and this morning there was no odor.. I'll keep on trying it and am sure it will work.


I took tram act tablet for 2 weeks I started to get cramps in my chest now am passing a brown discharge with foul scent

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