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I recently started getting the worst cracks in both corners of my mouth, it hurt so damn bad i couldnt eat anything with salt or sour and could barely open my mouth . Tried multiple chapsticks lip balm bag balm, loads of vaseline, i even tried lard but it seemed to be provoking my condition. I finally went to the Doc he said that what i had was not actually a result of being too dry but was actually a small fungal infection from the yeasts that are naturally in our saliva. All i had to do was keep the area clean and dry and apply a small amount of (believe it or not) jock itch/ athlete foot cream ( Clotrimazole) twice a day. Over night results from this inexpensive over the counter ointment. i kidd you not I love that docter. Continue use for a few days for permanent results. oh yeah and drinking water helps too. HELLZ YEAH

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Thank you. Worked for me.

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