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Suffering in PAIN!

OK.. My dentist prescribed me Amoxicillin and 7.5mg Vicodin..Until now I thought Vicodin would cure any pain!!! NO way!! Then called him back told him still in pain, then he told me to take 4 IB Profen at a time with the Vicodin. As long as you don't go over 3,200 MG of IBProfen its ok to take more then 2 at a time..If you go over the 3,200MG daily it can eat away your stomach lining and cause more problems. So take 4 of the IBprofen at a time I do that every 4-5 hours to make sure the pain does not come back before next dose kicks in, Then I tried the Vanilla extract that helps a lil bit but the best is any type of 'caine' Benzocaine, Lidociane, anything you can get with the work 'caine' because that will NUMB you good! Just use a q tip and apply all around and on tooth! I so feel better then I did. I had a tooth that was broken attempted to be fixed, however we are a week later and its obvious NOT fixed..Nor fixable. My tooth has since turned gray in color that means its DEAD! So why do I have pain yet beyond me!!??? I HATE tooth pain more then anything and I'm terrified of the dentist but happy I found a good one that is nice! I'm excited for the weekend to be over to get this tooth wiggled out! What a relief that will be!! Does tooth pain ever go away if you NEVER get teeth fixed? I wonder? My mother neglected to take care of my teeth as a child and I sure wish I knew better as I do know now buts its almost too late, Teeth NEVER heal, so now she left me with this mess..I only have 23 teeth..everyone should have 32..

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According to the work of Weston Price teeth DO heal but only if your diet is right. The problem is you really need two minerals (calcium and magnesium) and three vitamins A, D, and K2 at well above daily requirements levels for this to any chance at working. The weak point in this for most people is finding a good source of K2.

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