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Yet another praise for the clove oil you buy at Walgreens. I was able to just use a few drops after cleaning with warm salt water.

I just wanted to help people know what they were going looking for when they get to the store. I was there at 3 A.M. and only found it by luck.

Link to a pic of what your looking for:

( If link doesn't work just Google 'DenTek toothache kit')

Oraljel and Lortab took pain from 9-10 to about 8-9 this took it down to 1-2 and only took 2 min. After I get my first nites sleep in almost a week I'll see if I can find some more of the pointy q-tips that came in the kit because they work great.

I hope everyone that came to this site looking for anything to make them or a loved one feel just a little better has the same luck I did.

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Ok, so I have tried the toothache kit and it hasn't worked so far. So, I was wondering the exact steps in which you took to make the pain go away. I have held a piece of small gauze up there with the clove oil on it for one minute at a time and I've done it 4 times a day and it isn't going away. What else should I do?


it works my pain is gone i can sleep i can think omg it feels great.I had this drysocket pain for bout a week and got tired of taking pain pills so i bought the kit an hardly little pain

Ebony M.

OMG, what a relief. I had my wisdom tooth at the top pulled 3 days ago and was in sever pain from Dry Socket, and just my luck my dentist wasnt open on the weekend to see me. I googled some remedies and found this one the most helpful I ran out the house and visited 4 drugstores , CVS and rite aid and to my suprise Rite aid carried the dentek kit for $8.99. I raced home to apply it and just as noted instantly the pain went from 10+ to 1.5.... I instantly felt a relief ]. Thanks

little p

Thank god this sight was hear i had wisdom teeth pulled and was having the most severe pain known to man i forchanlty had a kit at home with out reading this sight i had grabbed it and wile at work i was in so much pain that i was about to cry i found this sight and thank god you dont have to pay to find a remedy but this is what i did for quick relive the pain i had grabed a cople q-tips weted both side with water and cleaned area as well carefuly then i rinced with worm water and then tore a peace of toilet paper balled it up to a little bigger then a pea size and then pored a little drops on the paper then carfuly placed in the hole 2 - 3 mins later no pain wowowo nice job and thankyou again


Just picked this up.hope it works! I am in so much pain! :(

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