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I've found that 'Burt's Bees' works really well! It might take 3-5 days to work or less depending on how chapped your lips are!Or using 'Carmex' works too. But for something sweet try 'Burt's Bees' in pomagranet, Very good! (:

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I am definitely a fiend for most burts bees products, I use the facewash, lotions, etc. But something about the chapstick just dries my lips out! I definitely havr to reapply way more often than even the cheap brands =/


o i luv the pomegranate burt's bees...i have it and it works WONDERS on my lips. but if your lips are too chapped, then it doesn't work as well. i have to reapply it a lot.

Captain obvious

I fail to see how Burt's bees, a product from a drug store classifies as a 'home remedy'.

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