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tina b

To my outrage,two weeks ago I discovered my 3 daughters had head lice. I found several large adult louse and tons of nits, I was hysterical needless to say. We started with a lice shampoo and I continued to find live lice for the next several days so I began searching for another option to rid our family of these disguisting pests. I decided to try olive oil and tea tree oil combined. I fully saturated my girls head with the mixture and had them sleep with it on their heads wearing a disposable shower cap on top to prevent anything from escaping and so the oil wouldn't get all over everything. I continued to do this for several days while washing all linens,vaccuuming,and misting a tea tree/water mix all over everything along with nit combing daily. While it was very time comsuming and maybe a bit obsessive, we overcame this infestation with flying colors! The first thing is to try your best not to become hysterical(though I was) it just upsets your child. My husband and I did not get lice, thank God. Its has now been a few weeks and we remain lice free and all the nits are gone. By using the oil regularly I belive we were able to make sure that all the nits died and were easily removed. Put 12 to 14 drops of tea tree oil in about 3ounces of a carrier oil..Olive oil worked best for us because my girls have long hair and it was easily removed with regular shampoo. I continue to mist my daughters hair daily to prevent reinfestation..apparently they don't like the smell. Im telling you after my countless hours researching home remedies and any available options this worked. I was very skeptical as Im sure most people are before they try something like this but I gaurantee it will work as long as your vidualant about the nit picking which I belive is most important. Do it daily for the first week and atleast every other day for the second til you see no more nits and don't forget to repeat you treatment 7to10 days after the first..They'll be gone. You'll get through this,just don't give up!

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