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Acne bacteria are killed by exposure to moderate levels of heat. You do NOT have to burn or scald your skin...just heat it a little bit. The simplest treatment is with a good quality coffee mug. You need to use a good quality mug because the cheap mugs lose their heat too quickly. Fill the mug with water and microwave it until the water is very hot - you can even let it boil. Then - VERY IMPORTANT - let the mug sit for a prolonged period to cool back down. It will usually take about 14 to 16 minutes to cool enough to safely apply to your skin. Test the mug with your hand to see if it is cool enough to use. Then pick up the mug and press it gently against the acne-prone area for about 20 to 22 seconds. If you are pressing it directly to a current pimple, then you should apply it for a full 30 seconds to kill any bacteria in the pimple. Rotate the mug and use a fresh section of the mug to apply to the next acne-prone area. Each section of mug can be used to treat up to 2 areas if you keep rotating the mug. The whole application process should take only 4 minutes. When you are done, the area treated should be fairly pink but not burned and the pink should fade within an hour. Repeat this treatment once per day to prevent any new pimples from forming. There is no benefit to treating your skin any more than once per day or for more than 30 seconds. You should still be able to use benzoyl peroxide in combination with the heat treatments. I can vouch that this actually works as long as you treat the skin every day. If you skip a day, the pimples return.

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Ok; I'm not an expert but that just sounds crazy. Our skin is exposed to heat all the time and doesn't seem to cure any acne. But that is my opinion, maybe it does work for you. I just say drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and maintain good hygiene rituals.


I just bought the 'Zeno' heat treatment for 40$ all it does is heat the zit for 2 1/2 min to kill the bacteria in the pimple now I wish I had done this search before buying this product because although it works and works well it only has 80 uses per 'Zeno' I'm going to try this coffee mug thing instead I'm sure it will work because 'Zeno' does and a mug will save me a load of money. Thank you for writing this post!


Thank you for this tip! I will give it a try.

I just wanted to say that I have read that heating water in the microwave without anything else in it can cause it to 'explode' out of it's container (the mug). It is said to be a rare phenomenon, but just in case... One could add something to the water in the mug before microwaving it. Or the water could be heated in a pot on the stove.

Thanks again! =)


Heating STALE water in the microwave can make it explode out of the mug because it doesn't have any air bubbles in it. Make sure you only microwave FRESH tap water in the microwave.

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