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All of the folks who are recommending staying away from acidic foods are dead on! Cooked tomatoes and tomato sauces, citrus fruits, pineapple, dairy (lactic acid) are all foods to look out for. My newborn son had a hard time sleeping and had eczema on his scalp. I suspected the milk was at fault so I switched him to soy formula. After one bottle he sleep quietly and peacefully and the eczema went away quickly. I now drink very little citrus juice and I haven't had an outbreak in years. I've also found clobetasol propionate to be very effective against outbreaks (2 treatments and they're gone!). It's pretty cheap and a small tube lasts forever. (It's sold as different product names, Temovate, Dermovate...) An allergist also tested me and found out that I was very allergic to mold. My eczema was much worse when I was sleeping near a leaky water heater. An allergist should be able to determine your 'triggers' (although mine didn't detect the acids issue) and give you a prescription for the clobetasol. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice about no acidic foods. I didn't know that. My neice has it extremely bad and gets shots now to stay clear. My son had it when he was 2 and now it's worse since he became 3. He had a severe outbreak from head to feet recently. I bought soap from Cracker Barrel Restaurant 'Grandma's Lye Soap' no addictives and it's working.

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