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Gargle with chlorophyll, salt water, or bayberry, bistort, cayenne, eucalyptus, fenugreek, horehound, liquorice, lobelia, myrrh, peppermint, red sage, spearmint, wintergreen, witch hazel, or yarrow tea.

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How in the world would someone know where and how to get all of those herbs and how much of each to use unless they are an herbologist?? It appears that you wrote down the ingredients from a bag of cough drops.


I think this is a list of items that may help, choose one or more, rather than all of them.


Eukalyptis? My mom uses that to keep bugs off her flour...not sure I'd want to eat that...


you are an idiot. maybe a little less time at the nature store and more time in front of porn site


This is a list of different choices to make a tea from.


boil a cup of water & take a handful of any one of the mentioned items above and drink. and you dont need to be an herbologist to know this. just basic tea making skills are needed.


This is the weirdest remedy i've heard of. What in the world is witch hazzel are you form another world?


this is some bull shit

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